Learning by googling

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Study with google is this a mistake? I don't think so if we study it based on knowledge and are willing to accept every side of the view and understanding that can be digested properly and correctly. The power of technology is so great along with the presence of ease of information is not a problem if it is really used as we should use it.


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We have long been familiar with the slogan learn from history. Because history provides a lot of knowledge that existed in the days before we were created. For what, from where, from who, and why. And the slogan is also growing with a new slogan that is adapted to the current era, Learning by googling. It is much different if the expression of history is only replaced by one form of the search engine program that is so big today, Google. But it makes sense because all the conveniences and completeness offered by this search engine can indeed be relied on by the many search engines created in this chapter.

Google offers a lot of information that anyone in need would want to find. Although it is not always accurate, clear, and can be accounted for the truth. But at least Google gives what we want to look for based on the data that Google has collected.


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Existences such as digital libraries present also contain quite a lot of everything that is needed by the world community. From the context of science, history, news, literature, and other things that contain information and knowledge needed by modern society. Like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, Britannica, Quora, ScienceDirect, Infoplease, and the others. All save the need for basic information needs that contain knowledge.

But there is also a fear of misdirection, deviation, or illegitimacy that can be taken as true knowledge or science. And it became a polemic that should not be feared, but became an incentive for people who really want to learn. Where it means looking for validity or comparison of the meaning of truth before taking an understanding. So that it can not only be said as increasing knowledge which knowledge becomes wider on the basis of knowledge which is right and which is wrong. Not just on one side or one view.

"This is evidence of the meaning of the wide openness of science for an explanation that is also increasingly clear".

The era of modern society deserves to be pampered with ease, for the category of learning and knowledge. It is not easy to get carried away by an opinion and is more likely to be critical of their way of thinking than the previous community. However, there are also bad factors from this condition, where the maturity that is born cannot be said to be mature only based on knowledge. Because the problem of experience and understanding of course can be taken from the form of various traits and habits of a person.

The thing that is very different in modern times from previous times is that there is less of a problem with adab/morals and also respect for the existence of other people's views. It is easy to decide and easy to lose respect for the existence of parents. The word seniority to be bad is seen as a problem of the bad side, not taking the meaning of who deserves to be respected. Not to mention the problem of readiness for mature thinking that can give birth to a form of understanding. Where the wise factor will accept the more difficult it is to create if it is not in line or worse, it is misunderstood.

Learning by googling is easy and indulgent. But once again, it is necessary to be reminded of the need to continue to seek answers and accurate information based on the expected knowledge and to be willing to share and accept opinions so that a wider understanding can be obtained from what has been learned. And there is still a need for a guide so as not to get lost or mislead. So we can learn from Google, but don't trust it easily, let alone just trust the lessons from social media.

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