In a flash of blessing

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We come into our lives that have been shrouded in a flash of knowledge, so mesmerizing yet so ensnaring. As with the function of science, we also learn to create new pathways to channel so as not to meet tangled snares that will ensnare even stronger. Unfortunately, learning science is not an easy thing that can be consumed like food, which when it has been consumed will be easy to see which ones become nutrients and which ones will be wasted as useless waste for the body.

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Science is like light which has electromagnetic radiation, it will shine if it is properly nourished and used and can also dim if not maintained simultaneously. So that when we insist on circling the sea of ​​knowledge, it will be able to sink or remain afloat. Therefore we think, we can lose or find knowledge to guide us like a light.

Sometimes something grows in us. Where we don't try to cover it up or try to hide it, we just don't realize it's so real. The situation when the need is presently stuck that we don't even know how to properly express. Like there is dew trapped in a vessel, it will easily evaporate when the hot sun shines.

Anxiety and ego, being one of the producers of the problem of refraction of light will disappear, making darkness come even though we are in the middle of a light that shines like the heat of the sun in the middle of the day. Like, can blind the eyes, stopping the flow of blood to the mind so that it can act according to what it should do.

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

The feeling is so strong, we can't escape from it. And because we also believe that every meeting we go through is destiny, so we will try to try to be strong. No matter how the ego of this form of anxiety keeps us from knowledge, we will still return to the provisions of the meaning of the presence of science. After all, science in reality will never go anywhere.

When everything seems different. Once we completely melt the ego and anxiety it disappears with the pounding of each breath of airflow, making our vision very clear. It turned out that from the start, the path of light would be biased. We think it never exists because we want to think that way. In fact, electrons never orbit light, they will continue to shine because of their radiance.

To be proof that, we will never lose the light. Because from the start, the electron always circulated by emitting light when it was at the ground point. Then the final riddle still arises, what other feeling of anxiety and ego is this? Love? No. It's more than that because love can't keep you going. It takes something big to survive, and that is...? Blessing.

If in psychology maybe science will definitely be different, everyone will believe in the truth like a mathematical calculation. One plus one equals two, it will be different from One plus One in blessing, equal to Unlimited.