Convenience is not always a solution

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The easy ones don't always bring comfort and don't even provide a solution that really makes it easier for humans to make an invention. Sometimes an invention that is said to be aimed at facilitating can even be more fatal in applications that intersect with humans themselves.

The initial goal may be to make it easier which in the end only complicates the most important aspects which were originally the basic reference for the invention to be created. Not one or two, let alone three, but many discoveries that actually make human life even more difficult in the end. This may be said, it turns out that finding a solution is not easy. Because if it is rooted in the meaning of the solution itself it should answer and indeed provide according to the purpose for which something was created.

 "brain-4260689_640.jpg" Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

There are so many great discoveries that in the end only cause complicated problems and can be said to be very dangerous for human life itself. Among them are even fears that it can eliminate the meaning of life for humans, namely destruction.

But it is not something strange and something that should be feared. Because that human being back, in reality, is not afraid of the meaning of the word destruction. In fact, it is embraced and like a toy that can be played like a toy that is usually played by small children who still like to play.

There is no need to mention any great inventions that are admired but dangerous for humans, because basically humans, when asked about it, are aware and will say a lot about the various forms of inventions that already exist, in general. And what can be understood is only being aware and accepting and then saying all that is for the betterment of human life.

Is it true that living humans only have the goal of words for the betterment of mankind?

What kind of progress and how exactly should be received and should really be accepted?

The answer goes back to each party answering the understanding and mindset as well as self-awareness of the human being himself. Because to make excuses, mapping out issues of degree, race, ethnicity, or nation is something that humans have brought as their basic human nature. So that the human language created is only pseudo-expressions and words that are actually created. The point is only to pursue the benefits that are obtained whether it's praise, views, or wealth. Because glory is the essence of the human mindset can feel happiness.

Wrong or right, right or wrong. Each of them struggles to argue with the other about who is right and who is wrong. Although it is clear that right and wrong have been found in reality because humans have a conscious soul. Not because of knowledge or intelligence. But all consciousness is the reality of human knowledge of their own person. Which might be able to present the word understanding between indecision and also ignorance. Form an attitude of lies and arrogance to take refuge in falsehood.



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