On Science and Philosophy and Life's Cycle

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The universe, the world and the cycle of life. A cleaned up version of one of my comments.


Below is a comment I posted under @balikis95's post "I have always been curious about the world" in which she talks about the universe and her thoughts on it as well as humanity. The comment was longer than I expected so I cleaned it up for archieving it here.

The Comment:

There are a lot of things we have trust the theories that Scientists have arrived at, (and some evidence we can't wrap our heads around understanding,) I like how you started by the sphere/flat earth theory.

"'The world is spherical', so I heard... With lots of theories to back it up. Others believe the world to be flat, with theories to back it up."

I'm leaning toward believing that earth is a spherical planet, but who knows? Life has always thrown curveballs in scientists' theories and Laws. It reached a level where it's hard to make sense of what's happening.

Remember when The Theory of Relativity didn't exist? There are always abother layer science haven't reached yet. People don't need explanations to live their lives. Those of us who do are stupid, maybe in a good way.

As for the other interesting part in the article...

"You were born and therefore, you also will have to get married and have a family too."

One thing about the cycle of life I'd like to add, "it's instinctive." People want to marry and have children, at least most of them have deep-rooted desire for so, and would if the circumstances allow it, but we're living in an age that makes wanting that sounds absurd.

"Why would you bring a new child to a world that made you suffer and would make the baby too?"

I read a manga a long time ago that explored this idea, having the terminally ill main character always wondering "why he was born if only to suffer?" The manga starts by him falling in love with an android girl, only to realize she has shorter lifespan than him. It's was wholesome story even when you know you're on a time limit.

The world was a dystopia, but when he sees a recording from his parents, they talked about wanting to have him in that world, to experience joy, even in a dystopia. It moved him, and me as a reader. Sometimes, suffering is worth it.

Don't you think?

Salam (Peace)

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I used to think flat-earth is also a viable theory and gave it the benefit of the doubt, but after reading/watching a lot about it and seeing scientists debate over the matter, I think it's safe to say that spherical earth is pretty much proven already, all the scientific facts about it align and compliment each other, while flat earth theory only tries to refute these facts instead of being its own form of science, you can't study it without studying spherical earth in the first place, not to mention it requires you to believe in a convoluted conspiracy.

While I don't agree with Flat Earth theories, I'm leaving the room for "spherical earth" theory to be wrong, (though it makes a lot of sense of it to be correct, because I experience things that only make sense that way to me,) I think you put it in a logical way in your comment.

It's good to keep an open mind, but be careful not to come off as a flat-earth believer in front of a scientist 😂 they actually despise them.

I'll just put my scientific persona then.~

"Why would you bring a new child to a world that made you suffer and would make the baby too?"

I remember a philosopher once said that nothing can exist without its opposite, without suffering there will be no joy.
Still for people who don't believe in God, such philosophical questions tend to feel depressing.

A lot of atheists ask "if God exists, why does he allow the suffering of children?", if you believe in the afterlife you'll know the answer is simple, suffering is a form of atonement and our time here is brief and only a test for what comes after (also children who die go to heaven), so in a way suffering is not a bad thing when you look at the bigger picture.

Yeah, I tried to make my answer here non-religious, but that's what I believe, if there's an afterlife, suffering makes a lot of sense. It also makes sense in another way because it's a product of the Free Will.

A non-religious answer, interesting, I think it all comes down to beliefs though, even atheists have to find something to believe in, other wise they would be swallowed by nihilism and get depressed.
Your example is pretty good (what's the name of this manga btw?), although I think a glimpse of joy is only the first step to finding purpose in life.

I didn't want to name the manga because of some of it's "content," but oh well... It's called "Ai-Ren."

(I love the title because it means Lover in Chinese, contains the Kanji for "person" and has the name of the heroine Ai which can also be seen as "AI.")