Just Married

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Hi guys! Here is another drawing I made, this time in a creepy-ironic register.

It was a trend at a certain time...I am not sure if it longer exists...for women to show their wedding ring on social platforms once they got married. Nothing greater to have a happy marriage if you have the spirit to do it...but posting sometimes only your hand with the ring with ostentatious is somehow a bit too much I would say.

I prefer discrete touches of love without too much penetrating the public space. But don't get me wrong...if people are happy with this ''showing off'', it is just fine. Unfortunately, I think it usually triggers manifestations of discontentment, the need to hold the spotlight...and maybe some future potential stagnation lol

The idea of her sucking her blood suggests the unhappiness of being with herself. As you can see, the arm is detached from the body, as if this new ''wife identity'' is not yet incorporated but only showed off. The size of the ring and its sparkles are suggesting the idea of ostentation. The ostentation is so big that the woman would like to put this label of ''just married'' on her face and walk like this in society to be recognized as valuable. Nothing more false. Marriage is not something necessary to feel valued and be happy with life, although some societal and cultural norms want to prove the opposite.

Here are some of the steps I took in making this drawing:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

The drawing was made on MediBang Paint Pro.

Hope you enjoy it.