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RE: The Pursuit of Beauty

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It's always so good to read you. You make publications that look more like literary essays.
A long time ago I had a book, almost a pillow book, that unravelled the theme of beauty. "Rodin on Art and Artists: Conversations with Paul Gsell".
From that point on, my perception of beauty changed. The artist's relationship with his work and the viewer's perception of beauty and ugliness when appreciating the work.

The pursuit of beauty transcends time and culture. It transcends gender.

Today with this publication you have reminded me of those readings.
Greetings @agmoore. It is healthy to read you


Hello @marcybetancourt,
Thank you for the visit. Always a pleasure to get feedback from you. If my blogs look like literary essays it may be because I let myself wander around in a subject before I write about it. It's an indulgence, because I'm pretty sure I spend far more time writing a blog than most people. I'm glad you can see that.
How are you? I hope you are peaceful and staying away from all things pandemic.
BTW: I'm going to see if I can get my hands on that book. Thanks for the referral.