Art made by Artificial Intelligence is getting insane


Sleeping toadstools in a magical forest, black

These are so cool


My brother has really been getting into creating art using artificial intelligence and he has been sharing them on Facebook. He uses a program called MidJourney and the results have been pretty cool to see, so I decided to give it a try.

The MidJourney site is a bit odd because it just directs you to their Discord server and doesn't really let you do anything on the site itself. The discord for MidJourney is MASSIVE though and has almost 1 million people that are active in there. It is one of the largest servers I have ever seen.

So when you get in the server, it gives you a pretty short run down on how things work, and at first it was a bit overwhelming, but it is pretty easy to learn how to call the bot to create the art once you see how others are doing it.


Lantern Festival on Alien Planet

To create something, all you do is give a prompt of what you want to see, then the bot begins working on four different images. Then once it is done with making the four images, you can choose one of the images to have the bot work more on that one, or make a new set of images based off the image you choose.

The Lantern Festival image is the first one that I created on it and I think it turned out pretty cool looking. It is a bit hard to think of different ideas for bot to work on at first because it can literally make an image using anything you want it to.


Alien Creatute that looks like marijuana plant

The technology behind this is fascinating and I have no idea how any of it works. I wanted to see what the bot thought an alien that looks like weed is and this is what it came up with.

Artificial Intelligence is crazy to think about and we are really just seeing the beginning of what this technology can do.


Alien animals walking on planet, Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists. His stuff is way out there and super trippy. So I wanted to see what the bot would do if I said for it to make some images of aliens walking around using Salvador Dali's style.


I really thought all four of the images that it came up with were really cool, but my wife and daughter wanted to see what the bottom right image would end up looking like if I told the bot to focus on going deeper with that one.


Alien animals walking on planet, Salvador Dali (final image)

The results were super cool and it really does look like something that Salvador Dali would do. AI art really does have a cool look and feel to it and I think it would be cool to decorate my walls with some of the stuff I have come up with.


Starry night mystical forest psychedelic LSD

These images feel like a glimpse into an alien's mind. It crazy that these programs are basically programmed to think and come up with these pretty insane works of art.


Cosmic Light Being, ruler of the universe

Now this was a weird prompt to see. My daughter came up with the idea to see what the bot thought a "Cosmic Light Being, ruler of the universe" would look like. All of them looked so cool, but the top left was the one that resembled what my daughter was thinking when she came up with the idea for the prompt.


Cosmic Light Being, ruler of the universe (final)

The final image ended up being so cool. I really like all the little details, like brush strokes, particle effects and different blending of colors and light. It is super cool to get a glimpse into what a computer thinks a cosmic being looks like.

Right now, my free trial with the program has ended and I need to try and figure out what the next step is to continue creating different pieces of art. I am hoping that with a paid membership, you get access to higher quality renders and more options. I feel like I am just scratching the surface with what this bot can do.

Artificial Intelligence is really changing the art game and it can be used to create some really stunning and creative images that is impossible for humans to create as fast as the bot does. It would be cool to see an NFT project make use of this technology and you can mint NFTs using different prompts.

It is cool to see technology merging with the art world, but at the same time, it is kind of scary how quick technology is advancing. It makes you wonder if traditional artists and photographers are going to become less relevant as this technology gets better and better. AI can already be used to generate real looking photographs that are very hard to distinguish between a real location and one created by a robot.


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Great post. Ai is making me see my own art with new eyes, I have so much energy now.

While ai doesn't replace artists yet, it is a really great aid for character design, world, and story building. I am particularly fond of seeing old artists create modern scenes or create realistic characters and places. Today I created a vacation land designed by Hieronymus Bosch.

Speaking of AI doing world building, it will be crazy once AI begins creating video games. I dont think that is too far fecthed.

It is probably already happening. There will be a hunger for building entire worlds to explore; in VR and otherwise.

Or rather...he and midjourney did, I just prompted them.

Midjourney is amazig!

What I'm seeing now is really incredible and I can't imagine where this is going to go in a few years. @pusen told me that there's an AI coming out called dall-e 2 and it looks like it's going to be better than this. Check this out

It looks super cool. There are so many different possibilities with this kind of technology.

those cosmic light beings are really awesome. Maybe AI knows something we dont about the ruler of the universe?


Fancy seeing you over here bro! hahaha We have one of our Alien Art community members working on their dev team now. We have had a few AI generative art pioneers here on Hive already. I've been watching this technology expand and grow over the last couple years. It's been a really fast path of progress. Interesting outputs you got. Those onese towards the end were super dope!

That is cool that someone from Hive is helping to create this technology. It will be interesting to watch this evolve over the next few more years. I dont think we have even scratched the surface on what AI is capable of.

Yes, she is kaliyuga and you should check out what she has been doing for a long time. She just joined the team recently but was working on her own notebooks and models. She was making models to try and use this technology to help build video games faster. It's super cool where this is heading.

Yep, and AIVA does the same, but with music.

I've been looking for one that does music... funny- thanks for the tip.. I followed you

You're welcome!

Thats cool. I am going to have to check it out. I have wondered what AI would do with music creation.

Here are some samples that I like:

This one if you like classical style music:

And this one if you like more of a rock type thing.

Those are pretty dope.

Excellent images. That weed alien is fantastic! I want to talk to him and then smoke him. 👽

Hell ya, that would be awesome.

I saw a lot of post like this at Tiktok! AI is getting viral now. Bdw, your daughter has an awesome imagination than I haha. So cool!

It will be cool to see where this technology goes from here.

Yeah it's awesome aye - I've been making an entire collection of AI creatures that I'm going to release as NFTs really soon - the one in my profile is AI with my own painting over the top 😀

Followed you!!

That's awesome. I have been looking into setting up a subscription with MidJourney and getting more into this. I have seen some pretty amazing things being created.

Nice Dali (Not Daily) Planet inhabitants!

Thanks for the review. Going to try this stuff out. We ought to support our fellow bots, after all.


Have fun creating. It can get addictive.

It's unbelievable, amazing, and, right, kind of scary. I would prefer AI to wash my dishes or better earn money for me (trading on exchange? printing banknotes amazingly? 😄).

Ya, it is crazy to think about what the AI is going to be doing for us in the future.

That’s so awesome @derangedvisions 😎 thanks for sharing.
It sure is interesting to see what AI can come up with.

Thanks. It is so weird to think about how it all works and what it is capable of.

You are welcome @derangedvisions 😊
It sure is… it could go anywhere. Lots of artists use AI next to their own art nowadays.
Have a great Wednesday!

I use midjourney too - payed for a subscription, so worth it

I've been more and more tempted to set up a subscription for it.

Honestly - I did the smallest subscription and almost straight away decided I was ready to pay the $30 a month

Could not but agree: AI becomes more and more smart, day by day... 😜

It will be weird to see what AI has done for the world in the next 10-20 years. I think we are going to see some pretty crazy advances in technology

more and more unemployed folks in the low and even middle class, I guess 🙄 well, and much more nasty stuff for centralization of big data and governing control ...

I'm a big fan of AI generated art, a few days ago I found this website, and it is very similar, you just enter a word according to what you want to see and choose a type of art, or effect that applies to your creation, and gives you the option to create an account to save what you do here I leave the link

see some of those created on this site

In a while I will try with the one you used for this post to see how it is, very good post and greetings from Venezuela. /PIZZA /PGM

That’s awesome. It will be interesting to see how far the technology goes in the next 5-10 years.

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Beautiful art 🎭


This is incredible. I've been hearing about AI art the past few days but this is the first time I've seen an actual output.
The images are all incredible.


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Thanks. This technology is pretty crazy


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