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RE: Art made by Artificial Intelligence is getting insane

in Alien Art Hive9 months ago

Fancy seeing you over here bro! hahaha We have one of our Alien Art community members working on their dev team now. We have had a few AI generative art pioneers here on Hive already. I've been watching this technology expand and grow over the last couple years. It's been a really fast path of progress. Interesting outputs you got. Those onese towards the end were super dope!


That is cool that someone from Hive is helping to create this technology. It will be interesting to watch this evolve over the next few more years. I dont think we have even scratched the surface on what AI is capable of.

Yes, she is kaliyuga and you should check out what she has been doing for a long time. She just joined the team recently but was working on her own notebooks and models. She was making models to try and use this technology to help build video games faster. It's super cool where this is heading.