in Alien Art Hivelast year (edited)

It came from another world.


I mean, that's how it looked. So my imagination, always hungry for new Sci-fi sensations, sent the thing on a quick journey through outer space and brought it transformed, filled with new meanings and deep mysteries.

Sometimes it doesn't take much to make an alien out of something terrestrial. Or aquatic. I mean, from this planet - the Earth.


Although a dark room and any kind of small lamp are enough ...


... a bit of simple animation can elevate the mystery and bring you deeper into the illusion.


Here you can see the same thing photographed in plain, direct light. The dark, evocative atmosphere was annihilated with the flash of my camera ...


... but the thing lying on the blue paper still holds some of its mystery.


I photographed it from all sides and angles ...


... and some of the shots ended up in Photoshop ...


... and free GIF animator.


This is actually the outer skeleton of a sea urchin.


I don't know the exact species, but the family is probably Brissidae.


The order is definitively Spatangoida.


Only today, while preparing this post, I found out that sea urchins of this kind, the Spatangoida, are commonly known as the Heart urchins in English.


Here you can take a more up-close look at the texture and the small, intricate details of the surface.


These urchins live on sandy sea beds where they can burrow and disappear from sight.


I took these photographs on the 30th of May 2021 ...


... when @denisdenis, my HIVE & real-life friend who was working on one of the local fishing boats back then, brought me this interesting find.


He provided also the mobile phone which provided the little lamp able to light the strange skeleton from the inside.


With the help of @denisdenis who was holding the things together, I took also quite a few macro photographs ...


... through the small hole on the heart-shaped thing.


Exploring the shapes and details in nature can be a pretty trippy experience.


We are living on a weird and beautiful planet.


Even the smallest things can provide the sensation of a great adventure.


As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs, the GIFs, and the edits are my work.



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@tipu curate 👽

It turned out very wonderful this Aliens egg called sea potatoes it was interesting my days on sea adventures ... this turned out great #borjan ;))

It is extremely fragile and soft to be interesting. The net was pulled for 6 hours and pulled out from a depth of 46-52 meters.

He managed to stay whole with all the fish, mud and other things that come in handy ;))

Admittedly, it is rare to have this whole thing in your hands. It is beautifully preserved .. ;))

at first glance looks like an alien egg. do aliens lay eggs??😁😁

😀 Some of them surely do - according to movies. But the question remains, what came first the alien or the egg?

since the earth existed until now, this question no one has been able to answer😁😁😁

Very strange stuff you have on your house! It looojed very alien like!lol

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It does look like an alien creature! Great photo images, @borjan.

Thank you. 🙂

Exploring the shapes and details in nature can be a pretty trippy experience.

I wish I can explore nature a bit more.

Interesting exploration, impressive photos.

The punch line comes first.
The worst thing about time travel jokes is…

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😀Thanks for the pizza snack.

this is really strange, when the mother lights up, looks like an extraterrestrial, at first glance looks like a spiritual object.

True, it looks a bit like something spritual.

Awesome stuff, man! The nature amazes once again.

wow what a beautiful view of the sea on this one friend

amazing lights and art really liked it

I like your story because that is very unique

Those are amazing! These sea creatures or fish species are really amazing. These look so pretty. Lots of beautiful photography.


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