Rich or happy, where will you stand.

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Everyone has regret in life and I can count myself within that and those who say otherwise are liars or delusional. The question you got to ask yourself is what do I want from life?

Do you want to be rich or do you want to be free from constraints from demands from others, free to travel and experience everything to be had, one thing you will need to pay for this is funds but I figure the key is not to extend yourself on the trivial things but look after the small things, I am not suggesting be stingy with But when you buy have a think do I need this or will I enjoy this as a lot of money is wasted on food that is binned. Because it is cheap doesn't mean it is good, Don't be a slave to the bottom line like buying a saver pack of bacon or just the 3 rashers with quality you need for the same money.

Being frugal doesn't mean you have to be boring,the most interesting people I know have little money but they make the most with it, a pub trip maybe a luxury but friends round for a drink and BBQ will cover the same as one person. This may sound a closed circuit meeting new people but if you think about bars the only people you meet are generally people who are drunk and if you go to a restraunt your on a date and this is where you need to make most of your other opportunities to meet people in your daily life as if they are where you are they probably have a similar situation and probability suggests a similar interest so take a chance and say hello.

How do you start saving and becoming free from a life of debt and I excess? Well it is really simple, before you say yes to something think so I need this, doesn't mean you shouldn't buy but it will make you weigh up your options.

The plan for life should be happiness and not at the expense of others, many will say where there are winners there are losers but do you wanna be the one stacking the deck against the losers as I don't but to get there on a level field, I run my business this way and usually I make enough to put some aside and buy what I need.

What if you want everything, well it ain't gonna happen. Sorry you can have a lot but you only need so much in life and to get everything you need you need to save,whether you go down a traditional route of money in the bank or buying a home which is normally the smart option, be smart with your money and don't put all your eggs in one basket.

The small things put away do add up whether it a penny or a silver threepence as they soon add up but the one thing in life you will need is to look after your health, excess will be a major downfall but saving small and often is the best.

None of this is financial advice or lifestyle advice but if you leave a quality comment I will always upvote with a healthy upvote, be well my friends and if I don't know you come and say hello.


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Cheers pal

Yes all good advice, although I can honestly say I don't use any of my available bandwidth on regret, and I am not a liar. I could, of course, be delusional, but if I am, would that be such a bad thing?

if you hold on to reget you will suffer move on and be strong

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