Ancient Sunset

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Hi all!

This is another work I did back in 2017 and that when I look at now I realize I've lost a lot of patience along the way. :D
Visually I still like it a lot nowadays but as for the concept I think part of the point is lost a bit, as the dinosaurs are a bit too far off and bright.


But here are some close up shots so that it's clear that they're over there. :P
The whole volcano background was quick as I reused one from an older work since it wasn't going to look the same. I photobashed the portal and for the buildings I found some free stock packs on DeviantArt and modified to my taste.



When I work on something like this I always start with a grid, there's no way I'm going to nail this perspective without some guide.

Looking at it after years I was surprised that it wasn't meant to be a night scene at the beginning.
This is the kind of thing that can bring an artwork up 10 notches but also can break it and sometimes with such big changes I find myself unable to be satisfied with neither the old or any of the new tries.


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Very cool and hypnotizing. I love the angle!

Thank you! :D

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Very nice!

Thanks a lot! :D

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This is mind blowing. Looks like some scenes in Resident Evil movie and Batman.
Great piece.

Heehee one day, thank you! :D

I really, really, really love this piece!

Glad you do, thanks! :D

Nice! Patience can always come back if you find the right project I guess

:D Yes, I think it's mostly one's predisposition. Patience comes when things flow and feel fulfilling to do.

I agree