I am blue my first drawing on sketchtoy

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I found this nice app for drawing online it's not the best but i like it.
I choose the title " Im blue" because is how i feel now.

I feel blue.
In Italy today we enter in the red zone, this mean that its really a bad moment for us italians.

I feel sad for the many deaths caused by the covid and for the economical collaps that hit myself too.
So it hurts so much and sometimes i fell so down and lost.

It's not an easy situation for anyone.

I am worried for my familiars, especially for my grandparents because they are old and more at risk.

I am worried to do not find another job in the future (actually i am unoccupied , i am waiting to start a nurse assistant course).

So many bad things running in my head, and yes i feel so blue.

I hope these feelings will run away soon, i need some good news, some happiness.

I suffer from borderline personality disorder so i am used to these depressive " moments " but i think these days are harder than the others .

I really wish this blue moment will end soon.

I want come back to smile and not cry everiday like i do now.

I am sick of criyng.


Head up and continue walking straight ahead. Better times will come again.