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RE: We All Got Trapped ! CGI Work

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friend I really like this. Besides the irony of the proposal.
This reminded me of the moments of drama when I took classes where they taught us how to handle MAYA - I think I have already forgotten a lot but they were fun times-


Hehe. I think you should discover maya a bit more. Sadly I have no drawing skills so I use my imagination to create my images in Maya and 3D

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I keep the drawing hahaha. MAYA gave me a lot of headaches, maybe because at that time I didn't have the necessary tools. It seems fabulous to me but I am more of the 2D

I feel you. In the beginning I was like that, I think maybe it need some practice time and patient.

But I think in the end its a mater of taste. Some people like 2D and some people like 3D

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