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I recall that there was a much taller building being constructed in the middle of your busy city that you showed n your previous #wednesdaywalk article. I suppose stricter building standards are being imposed some after the 3earthquakes?

WOW, earthquakes! I only have one experience of the earthquake, the last big one in San Francisco when a portion of the Bay Bridge collapse. I was in middle school, and my Mom and Dad brought me along with them to check out a possible private high school for me should we move to San Francisco. I recall that it was late afternoon after their meeting with the headmaster of the school, and we dropped by the St. Cecilia Catholic Church for a visit. (My mom believes that on the first visit to a church, you can ask a favor and it may be grated!) Anyway... the large crucifix suspended from the ceiling started to sway! My firs thought was that Jesus is showing us some sort of a sign,😱 hehehe... it was an incredible experience 😲of thinking that a miracle was happening right before my eyes. Hahaha.

Gosh, sorry.... I got carried away, and this comment is getting too long. LOL
Have a lovely weekend, my friend @gems.and.cookies, and take care 🥰🌺🤙


No reply is ever too long or too short. But I am much happier with long replies. They kind of linger in my mind much longer 😊.

Yes. After the third earthquake, all the buildings in the city were inspected and required a certificate of structural compliance from the city engineer's office before they could allow people back inside. Even my favorite mall had to close to undergo repairs.

That must have been a really big earthquake in San Francisco. From what I can recall from the news then, it said over 7.2 in magnitude. I'm glad nothing happened to you. Earthquakes are really scary. I'm glad I live in a one storey structure and not worry too much when earthquake strikes. Still, we all run outside the house everytime just in case something gives. So, did you ever transfer to San Francisco after your visit?

Yes, I was enrolled in a private school (not a parochial school, which here in the U.S. is considered semi-private because it receives public resources and funding from the Diocese). I loved that high school with a classroom size of not more than 5 and maximum of 10 for lecture and lab classes. After graduation, I then attended a private Catholic University in San Francisco ran by the Jesuits. I never left the Bay Area until I acquired my first home a couple of years after college.

Funny but I attended a Jesuit run school too, from kindergarten upto my graduation in high school. No wonder you look like you have a strong Catholic faith. Jesuits are very good educators and the foundation I had growing up with under their guidance is still quite inculcated in me. Problem now, though, is they're one of the most expensive schools in the country which is why in college I went instead to a government run school, the University of the Philippines.