Spotting Planets in the Sky with SkyView Lite App

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This week's Wednesday Walk is all about the celestial bodies in the sky. I wanted to wait for this evening to grab some screenshots on my phone from the SkyView Lite mobile app.

I did a post last week about noticing two very bright object in the sky while on my evening walk. That post can be found at this link. Those two bright objects turned out to be Jupiter and Saturn. Cool, huh?


One day happens in the span of 10 hours? Jupiter must be in some kind of rush to get the day over with.

I supposed Saturn's rings must slow it down from meeting Jupiter's speedy day. Although at an 11 hour day, they're no slouch.

Hmmm...What Else Is There To See?

Then I began to wonder if there were other planets that were "visible" and it turns out there are up to 5 planets total (Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Mars) visible to us on here on Planet Earth at this time (September 2021).


Geez, it sure takes Venus a long time to get from the start of the day to the end of the day.


What?! You mean by the time one day on Mercury happens almost 6 months of time will have passed here on Earth?


*Can you believe that on Mars 1 year is equal to almost 2 earth years?

Objects May Be Closer...

Granted these in-app screenshots are not to scale, but I like knowing that with a powerful enough telescope or an ultra fast space ship (why don't we have warp speed spaceships yet?) we could see our neighboring planets.

Do you enjoy looking up at the night sky? If so, share some of your favorite night sky moments. Cheers!


That’s such a cool app isn’t it


It really is. I had forgotten I had it on my phone until I was trying to figure out what those two bright objects in the sky were. Now I'm hooked again.

BTW, were your ears burning on Sunday evening? I was participating in a chat on Twitter and the #WednesdayWalk came up. I realized after I was talking about how participating has made me see my neighborhood with new eyes that not a single person I was chatting with knew Hive exists.

Yeah I use it and a couple of others to find out whats in the sky when I am out early before sunrise some days

and LOL my ears weren't burning maybe just tingling a little, sadly Hive is still not that well know

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