Nature And Presentation Of Inventions

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It's another Wednesday in the #wednesdaywalk community, where you get to open the eyes of your readers to events or places around you. Many thanks to @tattoodjay for such a platform. As we enter into mid-week, nothing makes one forget to expose activities related to walking 👣 in the platform.
My walk day started on a very good note. Since the rainy season, flowers around my premises have been happier than they were during the hot dry season. Insects too like the grasshoppers are eating away the succulents. I had seen some birds also perching and sucking nectar but we're too quick when I intend to take a shot of the sucking process.


Walking still, I found another pink-purple bloom, the attraction wouldn't just let me go, I had to take a shot. Funny thing, I don't know the names of this beautiful art of nature. The radiant appearance alone makes the #Wednesdaywalk so soothing.

When I heard that nature has a way to speak to the souls of men, this plant did speak to me. There are two objects of concern when I saw this flower, the greenish (indicating life) seed|cowpea with thorns all over and the brownish (death). The interpretation here is that nothing lasts forever, nothing even the life we have now. The brownish cowpea was once green but now, it's falling off from the node of the mother plant. Such is life. Everything is a bit for a season.

Beautiful!!! Isn't it? When plants are kept with minerals that he's the through life, they come out radiant like this. More reason why we need to advocate for plants, the care of nature generally. See how soft, cool and calm that flower looks, you can do the same for the flower in your home or premises too.


Away from nature. I found two (2) boys who had secretly built a Vacuum Cleaner and a Ferry. First, I thought the ferry was a ship until I laid my hands on the blueprint of the process the young engineer followed in building it.
Victor is a science student. He is currently in his first year in senior secondary school that would be ending in a few weeks from now. As part of the project for the session, he constructed a vacuum cleaner. I was dazed at the height of thinking he applied to this project. At the presentation this morning, I was invited to appraise the project, believe me, it's a sight you never want to miss.

This is the step-by-step procedure the inventor applied in constructing this home device. The detailed procedure is not released as the young engineer wants to have that as his copyright. I fully support that.

Before the next presentation, the rain came down heavily. I ventured into the rain to the next presentation. The memoir sent to me as the external observer indicated the presenter built a Ferry. That hopes to be another mind-boggling presentation, the rain isn't going to stop me on this.

This engineer (if I am permitted to call him so already) went all out to first design paperwork of the project before heading to the workshop. I think that quite a feat for him on this. The procedure is also kept inclinedestine.

Ademola held is also from the same class with Victor and in fact, both are friends. This is commemorating the saying that birds of a feather flocks together. There are other project in the offing but these two were extraordinary considering the ages of the builders or inventors.


The next phase of this presentation will be done next Wednesday in a video. I have requested that the machines be applied in real life situation, that is the vacuum cleaner must pick up first and the ship must sail. The inventors reassured that they had already tested their work in the real life and would be glad to do that in a presentation.
This had been my amazing #Wednesdaywalk.
When you have kids do the dandiest thing, there is no other fun there is.


How has your Wednesday being?
Let's hear in the comment section.

All images shared in this post were original shots taken with my Techno CL7 phone

Hope you had a great ride reading through this blog, visit for more fun.


Glad the rain has come and brought out the beauty of Nature,
those projects of the students are very impressive

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

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