Tesla, Street Stands and Outdoor Concerts... all in one Wednesday Walk!

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The Orthodox Church is the first building that will greet you if you come to this town from the Danube, by boat. That city, which I already showed here a few months ago, will be the place where we will walk today. Are you interested in seeing Nikola Tesla sitting in the air? Peek into the gallery where models of some of his inventions were exhibited? Take a walk one summer evening through the streets of this town and between the stalls where handicrafts were sold? Feel the vibes of some outdoor concerts? If you find it interesting, you've come to the right place. And where is that place, if you are wondering... It is situated on the banks of the River Danube, and it is called Apatin.


The inhabitants of Apatin have always been proud of their compatriot, Nikola Tesla. In 2011, the town got a square named after this scientist. And not just that, it also got a monument representing Tesla, made of bronze. What makes this sightseeing so interesting is that the monument, made by Dragan Radenović, an academic sculptor from Belgrade, is sitting in the air. Nothing is impossible for Tesla.

The mural represents a traditional fisherman from this area, which is preparing the famous fish stew. Apatin has its long, centuries-old fishing tradition, and preparing this dish, the fish stew is the reason why every summer Fishing Evenings are held here. The name is not the best traduction maybe, as you can think in this event it is all about just fishing. However, it is a place for different activities, but more about that you will see later in this post.


As the date when Nikola Tesla was born is July 10, that day has been chosen as Science Day in the Republic of Serbia. Some days later I found out there is a small exhibition dedicated to Tesla. We could see the models of some of his inventions, and I was so happy that I could try out some of them. In the following photo, I am holding a neon tube, and when I was closer to this high-frequency transformer invention, it was glowing in my hand. I think you can not imagine my reaction, I was thrilled and I couldn't believe my eyes. Exclamations of happiness were heard, fortunately, only friends were present in that gallery, who understood my excitement. Look, isn't it cool??


We were also doing it with other kinds of light bulbs, when you come close to the high-frequency transformer, the bulbs are glowing! We are giving through our bodies light to those objects, I am still thrilled looking now at these photos, hahaha.



Also, there was an ionizing globe or plasma globe. I showed one video of what is happening if one approaches it. If you want, you can see the short video in this post. It was indeed exciting to almost feel those moving tendrils following the fingertips when you touch the globe.



Maybe one of the most famous photos of Nikola Tesla...


But, I wanted to see and feel more of the activities that Apatin can offer in one summer evening. If you remember that I mentioned this traditional event, Fishing Evenings? Well, here were are, among street food stands and stands with handicrafts. You know, I couldn't resist so I bought some of these decorative cups, also those little glass cups drawn with traditional motifs and some decorative souvenirs, magnets. Food was also present, but then I preferred to consume what I have bought instead of making photos.


This is one of the most famous spirits in Serbia. It is made from fruits such as plums, apricots, quinces, pears...The percentage of alcohol in that drink is very high. On the same stand, homemade jam was also available.


A few more souvenirs...




Finally, concerts! Is the word happiness enough to represent my feeling that I could be there, among a mass of people after such a long time without having that opportunity? Music! Many different genres and bands performed during several days, but I took photos just in that one evening. I also made videos but there were not of good quality, so I deleted them. Maybe I regret it a little bit now, but these few photos are what I have. And a memory of this summer. Hope you found interesting this #WednesdayWalk where you could see a weird Tesla, some of his inventions, street atmosphere, and musical vibes.






Beautiful pictures!
And a great walk!

Thank you ❣️ @ludmila.kyriakou, I am glad you liked 😊

What a great experience you shared with us, it is remarkable what a special day it was. I recently watched a documentary about Nikola Tesla on Youtube and was very surprised to learn that he was born in this part of Europe, frankly I thought he was American, however I understand he had that nationality later. His achievements are those of an extraordinary person who seems not to be human, they are beyond my comprehension at least. Goodbye, take care dear!

Yes, Nikola Tesla was an outstanding person and what he left behind him in the field of science is just amazing. No surprise everyone is now proud of him!
Not just a human, hehe, who knows :))

What kicks the most: music, Tesla.s electricity or rakija? :D

You should know that too 😂

But, if I had to choose from here, would say the experiment with the light bulbs :)) I was happy as a small child :D

haha I don.t drink rakija so my choice would be music :) (ofc if is the one I like)
On the other hand, electricity kicks the most every time I have to pay the bills...that really hurts :(

Such an interesting walk that statue of Tesla is so awesome Love it and the gallery is very cool

That alcohol looks familiar I think I had it a few times there and yes very strong

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Yeah, the Tesla statue is something that one can not miss while walking there around! :)

Without a doubt 🙂

Beautiful walk @mipiano, the statue and mural behind it are stunning. 😊
The bulbs that are lighten up… how fun 🤩
Great little market with such a wonderful colourful stands.
And yes, events, life music with lots of people… memories lasts 🥰

It was fun, indeed, having the bulb in my hand and seeing how it lightens up 💡
Nice memories, for sure that are left now... but new destinations and travel will come, maybe soon so I can have a bit more of that food for soul :)

Memories will stay 😊
Can’t wait to travel again and see new destinations and explore… we all do.
Soon 😊🍀☀️

a secret: a have packed a small suitcase 😉 mañana me voy de viaje, pero solamente por aquí en España... pero nadie lo sabe todavía ... bueno, los que ven el comentario y saben castellano :D

That is lovely 😊
Jajaja 😁
Que tengas un buen viaje mañana. (En españa)

gracias :)

Nice walk. Looks like you saw some interesting sights. That statue of Tesla is really cool. I like how it looks like it's floating in the air. It's sort of mysterious like the man himself

Tesla is definitely the coolest thing to see in that square. Probably the sculptor made it thinking of how open-minded Nikola Tesla was, so what not sitting without a chair? :)

Oh that music place! I would definately love to be there screaming and jumping up and down 😆 I Iove those little souvenirs as well and would just be like you, can't help but buying some!
I'm amazed by how much to learn from these posts of everyone in the world just walking around! Looks like if we have a spirit to learn and try new things, we'll never feel bored or get old! 😊

Bored? Never we will be :)) If we can find in every little cute thing so much fun, boring life is not what is waiting for us hehe 😅

A very informative, interesting and eventful walk on Wednesday. I liked the Tesla Museum as I am a big fan of this mysterious man who left his mark on science and history. Probably the concert was the best ending to a busy day. Thanks for sharing :)

Hi, how are you ??

Are you sharing mushroom photos today?

Very nice perspective as you captured the Tesla statue.

Thank you :) It was a bit cloudy that morning when I took the photo, so it's a bit greyish but I am glad the point is here, the impossible (but for Tesla possible) pose for thinking :))

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beautiful post!!

Thank you, gracias!