A Day Well Achieved

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Today been Wednesday, I was in where I teach. I'm a teacher who teaches physics, mathematics and further mathematics. These are the subjects I love so much. There is no day I will not teach mathematics including Saturdays and Sundays. Teaching has become part of me to the extent that I can't do without it.


Just today, I supervised my students in the practical work they did which happened to be electricity. I walked from one lab to the other to ensured proper invigilation and also to put them through where the apparatus provided are failing They are the senior secondary school 1 (SSS 1). Before now, I have taught them how to carryout this practical but today, they carried out the practical live.

Still, today, I went to see my younger brother's wife who gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. It was great been there. On my way back, I decided to take a walk ahead a bit where I saw a swamp and I decided to take this photo of it.


In the swamp, some boys were fishing and they had even catched some big fish from the swamp. I decided to take a look on how they are using thee fishing hook to catch fish but they were actually using it in the wrong way. I have done it before and so I knew the tactics one needs to put in place before one can be able to catch good number of fish. I taught them how to do that immediately.

When I was home, I sighted the sky when the sun was almost gone. I took a walk closer to where I can bet the clear picture of it and I decided to take the photographs of the sky at that instant.


The sky was truly awesome.

This evening, I was feeling so hungry and did not know what to eat as my wife has gone home to prepare some food while I decided to stay in her shop. In the process of selling, I saw what she bought from the market she went to this morning. She never told me she bought garden eggs. I really love eating garden eggs so much.


Do you care to join me? You can come.and have some.


Those are the subjects I liked the most
Congratulations to your brother and his wife n the new baby

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

Thank ... I'm really happy joining this community.


You really have wonderful day congratulation for your brother wife that give birth to bounding boy.

God will bless the child and make him to come great person in life, he will not dead young.

Teaching is good because the more you teach, the more you also learn and understand things.

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Thanks a lot. Teaching can expand someone's brain.

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You seem to be doing a lot. Busy at all fronts including your school, wife's shop, and whatnot! My best wishes to new mom and dad!

So you're a teacher ?? That's pretty cool. I also come across this plratical when I was in secondary school too, immidiately I saw the apparatus you , I Know it's electricity, and I'm sure this subject is nothing but in Physics...lol, I always love anytime we are being thought practical in school, because you'll get to know what you're being thought in theory .

Congratulations to your younger brother's wife who putting bed, you have make a good move by visiting them, may the child be a source of blessing to the family.

Errrrrrrrrr, garden egg is good for the body, I will love to have a bite of it if you don't mind.. hehehehe

Nice Walk on Wednesday!

Don't worry, I'm on my way to give you the garden egg.
Physics in one the the subjects I love teaching most apart from mathematics. I am teaching physics and mathematics.

Thanks for stopping by

I'm waiting for it already , maybe in my door step..lol

Though I don't really love physics like that, still prefer maths, chemistry to physics .. hehehehe

Nice to have helped those guys out in catching fishes. It sure would make them happy that someone helped them out.

I love garden eggs too especially making it as stew to eat yam. It's always delicious. Have you tried it before?