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There is a pretty large pond at the edge of my hometown, about 200 meters from my house. It looks like a little lake, and is a rich habitat with many interesting plants and animals.

IMG_6140 malo.jpg

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon ... and the evening too ... walking around this pond. The bird on the opening shot is the Common moorhen (Gallinula chloropus), a species well adapted for walking on the leaves of the White water lilies (Nymphaea alba) and similar plants.


Almost two months passed since the last substantial rain, the pond has nicely dried out along the edges, so the usually inaccessible animal community on these large, plate - like leaves was served like on a plate and ready to be explored.

IMG_6148 malo.jpg

I entered the macro mood, and took many macro shots, starting with this Groundhopper, a grasshopper from the Tetrigidae family. I don't know the ecact species. In temperate regions, Tetrigidae are generally found along streams and ponds, and this one is not an exception.


This small wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) was sunbathing on one of the neighboring leaves ...

IMG_6178 malo.jpg

... and on another leaf not far from there I caught this minuscule fly.

IMG_6184 malo.jpg

I have no idea what species is this.

IMG_6211 malo.jpg

It was like almost every leaf was an exhibition pedestal, showing something pretty cool.

IMG_6204 malo.jpg

This shiny beetle was also part of the exhibition. I took the first shot using the flash like with other photographs, to have the maximum depth of field while retaining the shutter speed ... but direct flash never gives good results with shiny stuff. The beauty of shifting shades of colors gets lost ...


... so I patiently took few more pictures ... with much slower shutter speed ...

IMG_6221 malo.jpg

... and no flash involved.

IMG_6224 malo.jpg

While experimenting with various apertures and speeds, I took also this photograph, that is something in between ... a longer exposure with a bit of flash added to the thing.

IMG_6151 malo.jpg

When I raised my head to see what's happening around me, out of this macro dimension ... I saw this Little egret (Egretta garzetta) cleaning her plumage ...

IMG_6266 malo.jpg

... and some kids playing with something that looked like foam or snow.

IMG_6268 malo.jpg

The fluffy thing was a product of another plant that grows along the banks of the pond ...

IMG_6271 malo.jpg

... the Cattail. These were the seeds, adapted to be dispersed by the wind.

IMG_6165 malo.jpg

When I looked back at the large, green carpet made of the Watter lilly leaves ...


... I noticed that the lizard is till there, in the same place ...

IMG_6162 malo.jpg

... enjoying the warm day ...


... and the overall atmosphere ... or at least so it looked to me ... I can't tell you what was going on in his reptilian mind.

IMG_6152 malo.jpg

Then I found this little cricket not far from there.

IMG_6154 malo.jpg

I don't know the exact species.

IMG_6175 malo.jpg

It looks like a small nymph of some species that loves muddy and humid places.


I left the Water lilies and continued along the bank, through the fresh green grass.

IMG_6261 malo.jpg

While I was photographing these lovely wild mint flowers ...

IMG_6280 malo.jpg

... The Lady in Red appeared ... pulled by some great, invisible force at the opposite end of the fluorescent string ...


... a small poodle dog :D

IMG_6285 malo.jpg

They were walking back and forth along that side of the pond ... and they looked pretty cool together.

IMG_6226 malo.jpg

I took a short glimpse of this Red-eared slider turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans) in the water undernith the "Lady in red scene" ... and then ... a bit later ...

IMG_6284 malo.jpg

... a much bigger dog passed by ... with no string ... nor human atached.

IMG_6282 malo.jpg

It looked almost like some kind of black bear.

IMG_6188 malo.jpg

When I returned to the Water lilies ... I found another Groundhopper. It looked very much like the one you saw at the beginning of the post, only with longer, more developed wings ... and then ...

IMG_6192 malo.jpg

... on a leaf a few steps further ...

IMG_6193 malo.jpg

... I found this one ... that looked like a different species.

IMG_6228 malo.jpg

A small fly was resting nearby ...


... at one point ...


... the fly proceeded to clean her feeding apparatus ...

IMG_6230 malo.jpg

... and then ... a bit later ...


... a droplet appeared.

IMG_6242 malo.jpg

Anthomyia procellaris is the name of this species.

IMG_6212 malo.jpg

As I was walking away from the Water lilies place ...

IMG_6273 malo.jpg

... the wild mallard appeared ... accompanied by a large domestic goose.


I continued my walk along the unpaved road ...

IMG_6344 malo.jpg

... that leads from the pond to the surrounding fields ...

IMG_6339 samo MALO.jpg

... surrounded by olives ...

IMG_6349 malo.jpg

... and almond trees.

IMG_6347 malo.jpg

The light was changing relatively fast ...


... it was getting darker.

IMG_6292 malo.jpg

In one field near some large barn ... I found a nice collection of agricultural equipment. Some machines were colorful ...

IMG_6318 malo.jpg

... and looked like oversized toys for children ... or just normal toys for oversized children ... something like that ... while some other ...

IMG_6313 malo.jpg

... looked more like robots or monsters ...

IMG_6289 malo.jpg

... strange creatures ...

IMG_6298 malo.jpg

... giant birds ... dragons ... and stuff.

IMG_6316 malo.jpg

It really looked like an exhibition ...

IMG_6302 malo.jpg

... an open - air museum ...

IMG_6304 malo.jpg

... filled with cool ... slightly mysterious exhibits ...

IMG_6307 malo.jpg

... vaguely definable as something in between technology and art.
I took a good look at all this stuff ... I took a few photographs too ...

IMG_6321 malo.jpg

... and then ...

IMG_6322 malo.jpg

... walking across another field ...

IMG_6328 malo.jpg

... covered with wild fennel mostly ...

IMG_6350 malo.jpg

... I returned to the pond.

IMG_6352 malo.jpg

The water was pretty dark now ...

IMG_6353 malo.jpg

... and the surface was harboring some elegant shifting abstractions.

IMG_6355 malo.jpg

I saw a pair of elegant birds in shallow water.

IMG_6360 malo.jpg

The egret and the goose.

IMG_6359 malo.jpg

I said bye to them and I continued my walk ...

IMG_6361 malo.jpg

... along the narrow streets ....

IMG_6373 samo MALO.jpg

... that lead to my neighborhood.

IMG_6370 malo.jpg

The sun was already down ...

IMG_6366 malo.jpg

... hidden somewhere behind the horizon ...

IMG_6365 malo.jpg

... but the light wasn't completely gone ...

IMG_6369 malo.jpg

... it was still there ...

IMG_6364 malo.jpg

... and strong enough ...

IMG_6362 malo.jpg

... to turn the clouds into flames ... on photographs at least ...

IMG_6376 malo.jpg

I walked a bit more under this fiery sky ...

IMG_6374 malo.jpg

... streetlamps were on ...

IMG_6377 malo.jpg

... and soon I was home. And now ...

IMG_6143 malo.jpg

... with this closing shot ... a Moorhen from the opening shot, looking in the opposite direction ... is time to end this long walk till the end of the day.
As always in these posts on HIVE, all the photographs are my work - THE END.


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Oh wow,@Borjan, I am stunned. You have had the best walk ever!
Brilliant photos of amazing insects and lots of nature, dogs, duck, egret, humans to boot and those clouds on the sunset, wow. just wow!

and then the old farm machinery- art in the open!

What a great day you had and I'm so glad that I got to join you for your walk today!

Thank you for having me on your tour! I Loved it 😊

I hope that you enjoy my tour as much as I enjoyed yours! 😊

I definitely enjoyed the walk around Melbourne :) Parks are gorgeous in your city, and the post is visually very rich - great work. Cheers.

Well great! I'm so glad that you did and one day you'll have to come over and stay and I'll take you on the proper tour! 😀

And thanks so much for voting and reblogging my post too!
I really appreciate that! 😃

See you next Wednesday for your tour then?

Where are you going to take us this time???

I think I'll go for a walk along the coastline the next Wednesday :)

Haaa Me too! Exactly what I have been thinking too the last few days!

It's not far from me- just within the 5km distance that I am allowed to go (I think) and I haven't been there, how embarrassing...about 2yrs now...😬

But I can walk there and if I walk, I shouldn't be questioned by the cops...(fingers crossed)

So lets compare beach shots, although my beach is a city beach in a huge bay, so not much in the way of natural flora and fauna there...

I can't wait!

I'll show you my beach if you show me yours! 😄

In the meantime, I hope that you are having an awesome weekend and stay safe and well!


Hello @borjan!

wonderful post with great captures !
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Thank you :)

The eyes of the flies have always attracted my attention. Flies had hundreds of lenses in their eyes. Your photos are very nice.

Thank you :)

Very nice post with lots of photos! You have a lake near your house! That’s really nice. So you could find many interesting creatures at the lake or pond!

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I can't see the photos!!

I can see the enlargeable ones but the others didn't come through.