JUST A SHORT WALK THROUGH THE TALL GRASS (After some lazy sunbathing and relaxed swimming)

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The morning was relatively fresh. Not really refreshing, but eat least the sun was filtered through a tattered layer of clouds. That's the advantage of this kind of weather. At the same time, the warm air is heavy and humid, so there is a disadvantage as well.


The sea is the only perfect place ... for an hour or so. I did a bit of snorkeling around in the shallow water along the shore, and then I just laid down on the rocks and watched the clouds and whatever appeared in the sky. It felt like an eternity, but I think only an hour passed.


After that, my legs needed some action, so I went walking around the coastal meadows ...


... and here the post turns into a standard insect - infested affair, :) the kind of content you can expect to find here in my little cell of the HIVE. On this shot, you can see the red soldier beetle (Rhagonycha fulva), and the Yponomeuta sedella moth hanging on the grass.


I encountered also this pretty strange bug, the Micrelytra fossularum from the Alydidae family. Only females have the large, very pronounced abdomen that makes them look a bit like some insect shaped music instrument. The wings of this species are greatly reduced, so Micrelytra fossularum is unable to fly ... but it can run very fast up and down the straws of various grasses.


This is the Sphaeroderma testaceum ...


... the lovely, rounded flea beetle was crawling around the flowers of white clover (Trifolium repens)


The small nymph of the Euchorthippus declivus grasshopper was resting on some green grass ...


... the Eucera longicornis bee was quiet on some dried out grass ...


... and some small leafhopper ended up in the web of the young Neoscona adianta spider.

That's all I have for this Wednesday Walk. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


Amazing macro photography, as always!
The spider in the last photo is terrible and beautiful at the same time)

Thanks :) Yes, many spiders evoke that duality, they are often beautiful colorful monsters.

Exactly... 😁

That Micrelytra fossularum was certainly odd looking. I loved the fuzziness of the Eucera longicornis bee.

Amazing what you find in that tall grass 👍

From the first photo, I think the weather is chilling and the cloud is preventing the sun from hitting hard.

Love all ya photos.

Thanks. :) Yes, the clouds create that atmosphere, but the clouds are not enough to stop the heat, the nights are also pretty warm and sweaty.

You are right.

Sir, I think these are rice plants.

They look a lot like rice, because rice is also a type of grass ... :) I would like them to be rice plants that produce rice good to eat, but these are some wild grasses that only look like rice.

Sir you collect pictures of innumerable insects every day how do you collect these.

I go walking outside every day :) There are plenty of insects all around.