Wednesday Walk Trip with sunset

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Hello everyone, without feeling it's wednesday again.we meet again with the Wednesday Walk community. It's a challenge for me to take a walk.
I have to thank my friends who have organized the street community this Wednesday, especially for @tattoodjay
With this community I can share my walks with my friends.

Travel with the sunset.

Yesterday I deliberately walked with children in my city area, namely lhokseumawe [//]:# (!pinmapple 5.165714 lat 97.148228 long d3scr)
city of Aceh Indonesia. Around 4 p.m., I traverse the city's regional journey, but I'm less attractive for a walk in the city, because in the city it makes me noisy, with the sound of vehicles and air pollution.
Then I saw there was a satay merchant in front of me, then loved you the aroma of satay, I also bought a two-pack satay, at a fairly cheap price of Rp 14,000, equivalent to 1 $.



This is a satay merchant. This satay merchant sells on the side of the road as I cross the road to the reservoir

After that I continued my journey to the reservoir area located in the center of my city. The area is very beautiful in the afternoon, with the view of the sun starting to set, I had time to take some photos towards sunset. I think it's a beautiful sight.

This is the dome of the mosque.



The road leading to lhokseumawe city reservoir



People in this area their day-to-day activities they look for oysters in reservoirs, or on the seafront adjoining this reservoir.



After I reached the sunset, I stopped and enjoyed the sunset view. I took this opportunity by taking some photos towards sunset, with a view of the sea water.

Thank you friends for traveling on Wednesday, until here first my trip that I can tell friends. Hopefully next Wednesday we'll see you again.
Greetings from me @asklanbudi🙏

Locationlhokseumawe -Indonesia
Camera MakerXiaomi
Camera ModelRedmi Note 8 pro
Flash ModeNo Flash

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A beautiful sunset walk
The satay are so affordable and from my time spent in Asia I remember how good they smell and taste

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thank you @tattoodjay :)
This includes my favorite food.
If there is time to stop by my place, I will buy you a lot of satay.


Begitu indah panorama pemandangan, like your post, thank you.

Beautiful shots there @asklanbudi especially the sunsets shots on the lake. Stunning.

Thank you guys.
I only use my phone. When you take the sunset.

I know but you still managed to capture great shots and it doesn't matter how hi tech you are, you still need to have talent and when you get shots like that on a phone, I know that you've got talent!

Thank you for supporting me.
I'm happy to be friends with you.

Wow brother! What beautiful pictures indeed. Sunset is a glorious moment where the sun merges with the horizon! How wonderful that you were able to capture that special moment!
The city where you live is very beautiful, I like the structure you showed in one of the photos. There is a lot of beauty in Indonesia. Thanks for sharing! 🙌😃🙏🎆🎇💯

Thanks back, man.
I happened to be able to take this beautiful moment.
Greetings from me aceh Indonesia 😊:)