Wednesday Walk: discovering some of the beauty of nature

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Without feeling time so quickly passed, we meet again Wednesday Walk
On this special day.
Today I have a beautiful view, when I walked a few days ago.
I spent time with friends, in a field not far from the city center where I lived.
I found some natural beauty around the field where we were walking.
I took some photos that I found





I found black mushrooms, in the hole there are black ants, maybe this mushroom is made home for ants

1640280253583 (1).jpg

1640280253604 (1).jpg

1640280253595 (1).jpg

As I passed through the field, I saw a tall towertower

1640280253485 (1).jpg

1640280253474 (1).jpg

I saw a flower falling on the ground, I was looking for another mushroom. I'm sure there must be a lot of mushrooms here



1640280398077 (1).jpg

1640280398090 (1).jpg

I accidentally found some insects in falling twigs, and white butterflies in the grass. These insects look beautiful. ...






I accidentally found some insects in falling twigs, and white butterflies in the grass. These insects look beautiful. ...

1640280433558 (1).jpg

This is my field streets, visible muslim houses of worship
It wasn't long before I returned home

This is the story of my journey today.
See you again on the streets next Wednesday.
May my friends enjoy traveling around the world. And welcome to the New Year.
Greetings from me @asklanbudi🙏


Such beautiful photos on your walk interesting types of mushrooms
I used to close my and build telecommunications towers like that one many years ago

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thank you @tattoodjay I am very happy for the visit.
Ow, means you are a smart person who can build a tower that high.
Greetings to success

Not so sure about smart, we had training, and it was one of my jobs in the field I did not enjoy although the view from the top of a tower ca be amazing

Yes, the scenery above the clouds is beautiful, but for me my heart does not dare above highness.

Welcome to the New Year, man.

I dont blame you, It was scary work to do I am happier with my feet firmly on the ground

Thank @tattoodjay🙏☺

Fantastic shots of amazing nature and perfect for the #amazingnature community too!

I send my warmest regards and biggest wishes that you, your family and friends have a wonderful, warm, safe and amazing new year filled with an abundance of love, peace, harmony, good health, much happiness and success!

Love from Australia

Thanks back.
I'm very happy with your visit.

I also hope that my family is always healthy and can welcome a beautiful new year.

Greetings from my family to your family

Thank you! 😊