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Hello and welcome back to my page. I'm @daniky. Today is the 21st of November and the day 29 of my entry to the #IAmAliveChallenge, an initiative brought forward by Eric Gustafsson @flaxz.


#Hiveisalive, I'm grateful to God for this new and wonderful day. To be #Alive is indeed, a golden privilege for each and everyone of us.


How do you feel when you buy a product that doesn't worth half of the amount you paid for? How do you feel after discovering that the product you bought was substandard, plagiarized or duplicated? How do you later feel neglecting to support the needful and rightful sets of people that needs your assistance to boost the quality of their production? How do you feel when you discover you've been short changed or jilted? How do you feel realizing that majority of those working less are more rewarded than those working so hard to give the best for support in return are being often bypassed by you?

One truth is that there is no effective transaction that is monopolistic, so you require a system to send, receive, share or boost your transact.

It's true that the sole purpose of a business is to make profit, but their is a need to put in your best in whatever you do in order for your customers to value your product. There is a need to read through people's post at times before giving your support. Many quality post on the blockchain are left unread and as a result, ignored and bypassed. How will you feel to take your time creating a quality content to be displayed on the blockchain and later realize you're not receiving the level of support that is proportional to half the level of your inputs? The fact is, it's really demoralizing.

For you reading my post, I might not know the level you are on the blockchain at the moment? Maybe you're at the receiving end of this or at the apex and capable of curating posts on the blockchain. There's a need for a mutual Support system.

Some Communities are created and run by well meaning Administrative users and moderators on the blockchain, while the members working so hard are not relenting, the admins and moderating team are as well encouraging their members by giving their constant support for the growth of their community and as well, promoting interactions between her members, while on the other hand, some of other communities left there members wondering why they even subscribed to their community at the first place.

It is time to set things proper in its rightful direction. Those you support today might be your major supporter tomorrow, while those you ignored today due to their level of wallet or reputation might even be the one capable of easing your breakthrough on the blockchain.

I'll like to direct this message to all Communities running the hive blockchain to please emulate what the Admin and moderating team of #IAmAliveChallenge is doing. This is One of Communities i regard so much, and i believe in their vision and future of their expectations because the sky is definitely their starting point.

Utilize your being alive by daily celebrating your dialy existence and remain cheerful. Join this revolution and Never give up the challenge, keep blogging, keep commenting and keep building your connections as you grow your niche because you never know who your major supporter will be next. Thank you😊

Keep hopes Alive


My usual appreciation goes to @flaxz for this wonderful initiative @iamalivechalleng, @jlufer, @thisisawesome, @bradleyarrow, @zuerich and many others I'm yet to mention here, for your love and support. I love you all.









One Love from @daniky


Growing business and community is paramount and so far I have only engaged with genuine people and businesses, I am sure that there are some shady ones out teher on the blockchains, I have been lucky so far

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how are you dear friend @daniky good morning
excellent the post that you present to us today, invites a great reflection
stay safe and take care dear friend
have a happy saturday

I'm fine @jlufer. Thank you so much for the comment and do have a wonderful moment sir.😊

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Check out the Alive Engagement Contest on @iamalivechalleng, daily prizes of 200 Hive Power, every day!

#IAmAliveChallenge, check out our guide, I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide

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Great to see you alive and well man, and wow that was some high praise, thank you very much for those words, we do what we can with the resources we have in the hope that it makes a difference, greatly appreciated keep up your great work and stay safe, awesome and alive.

you're welcome @flaxz. To be candid, You deserve the praise and mention. You've demonstrated a high level of good leadership qualities that are worthy of emulation. Pls Keep on the good work as the sky is definitely not the limit, but your starting point. #HiveisAlive

Thanks, I will keep on trying my best. 👍🙏