I Am Alive - Day 92

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Today I am teaching Trigonometry.

Of all the subjects in math, this one is my favorite. Sad enough it's that one subject none of my students do like.🤣

To be honest, back then I highschool I didn't like it either. But now it's my passion.❤

I am glad that I can help people understand math better.



I never liked the topic, but I passed
No need for the subject

Hahaha, was the same for me in high school. Back then I was too busy being a stubborn teenager, so I never understood it. But now things have changed, luckily.😆

Yeah, me too.
I just have to calm down for the math job.

It's good you can impact the knowledge you have in others. I don't like math either but what can I say, we don't have choice, we just have to do it. Lol

@otuyanancy thank you. Yes, I am glad I can help with it.💚 Haha, I think that I know more people that dislike math than like it.🤣