I Am Alive - Day 8

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Hi hive family,

How are you all doing? Today I practiced programming in Python. And I really enjoyed it.


When I first started studying math in college, I didn't know that I would also learn some programming. In the very beginning, I hated it. But now I'm starting to love it.

I am grateful that I am able to understand it, because I know that many people don't understand anything about it. Thank God! And the great programmers: hats off to you all!

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there is nothing hard for a willing mind. so far you put your concentration and attention in what you are doing you will definitely achieve what ever you purpose to do.

Now the programing is now what you are using to create beautiful things with the creative ideas that you have.

i learnt one should not underrate any thing and also put concentration on whatever we do

thanks for sharing

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@nikkybabe that's true my friend. Some people just give up easily..luckily I'm not like that. But I really admire programmers, because I know how much of time it took me to learn it.😆

Python is the Basic of the 20`er. Do you use it in practical things in your life or only education purpose?

@strohbaron The only reason I learnt it at first was because of a subject at the University, but now I use it for practical things also. It's very helpful.

Nice to hear. I learned during lockdown with a course. But in general languages are more important for me.

That's cool! I love learning new languages too. Right now I'm doing a course to learn Portuguese. But I am afraid it will take me a while before I can speak it 😂

I think you are in Suriname? Then Portuguese is very useful. I love Brasil. But I speak more Spanish than Portuguese but the people there are flexible. South America is much more beautiful than Africa. But don't tell others. 😜

@strohbaron yes I live in Suriname. There are lots of Brazilians here and it will be easier to communicate with them that way. Hahahaha..I won't 😆 I've never been to Africa, only saw it in movies and pictures.

Never been in Suriname. I heard of a lot of birds? Je praat Nederlands? But I know Brasil and many spanish speaking countries. Nicest places on the earth. 😊 I post pictures from Africa. Mainly Uganda. But next week we want to go to Kenya. I love African Border Stories.

Aah, yes we have lots of birds, but also other different animals.
Ik praat Nederlands ja 😂 So you know dutch too..that's so cool! Suriname is not a very big country, but the jungle out here is ..let's say almost therapeutic 😂 I'm planning to post more pictures of different places in the country; then you can see more. And I'll definitely look at your pictures. Hopefully one day I can visit Africa too. 😅