I Am Alive - Day 129

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Helloooo there 😁

Today it's a very rainy day.

And a cold day.

No, it's a coffee day! But then again; everyday is coffee day.😄

I got up early today and studied a lot. I have a shitty Algebra teacher. No, really. Sorry to say this, but he comes into class, writes notes and then stands outside smoking without explaining anything. Meanwhile, we sit in class: completely lost.

But I came across a youtube channel by one Ravina. She explains in hindi and english, but man oh man. She explains things so super.

If you are interested, you can watch one of her videos here.

There are few teachers who can explain something that is very abstract so simply and clearly. Such teachers should be supported.

Today I will probably spend most of the day listening to Ravina.

I guess I should call it Algebra Day.

I wish my Hive friends a productive day today as well.

Let's all remember to say thank you to the Universe in between: after all, we are alive and well & healthy.❤️

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Glad to see you alive and well. Here also some teachers will talk little and share material to the student to read without any explanation and still they will get paid without doing their work properly