Aquatic Sentinel curation report #3✔️

Hello friends from the underwater world!🐬

We are a new community that will continue to do our best to showcase and bring quality posts that highlight the importance of our underwater world🐟. We appreciate your posts! It has been very pleasant to read in detail all the information it contained. Curations are handpicked on behalf of the Aquatic Sentinels Community.

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The aquatic environment offers us a totally different world from the one we know normally. Only in the sea we find thousands of described species and possibly there are many others to discover.

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Aquatic and marine life offers us multiple topics of interest:

👉Relationship with human beings
👉Animal welfare
👉 ...and many others!

Remember that the Aquatic Sentinels Community Purpose is:

"Share the underwater world with everyone🦀"
That is, working together, where both Aquatic Sentinels and our subscribers can share quality information in favor of aquatic species and their ecosystems.
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We are pleased to present the publications that have received curation in this past 3 months, the authors have done an incredible job sharing with us very valuable information:

Post: Strange creature washed up on the beach
Autor: @eolianpariah

Marsopa sin aleta del Indo-Pacífico.png

Photo credits: @eolianpariah📸
📍West Coast of India

"I have seen dolphins, turtles, snakes and fish as well as various other marine life. but one day a few years back i came upon a dead animal i did not recognize, though perhaps it may be some type of eel. it was well over a meter long. i was wondering if anybody here might help identify what it is.."

👁‍🗨Aquatic Sentinels made the final identification: Neophocaena phocaenoides (Indo-Pacific finless porpoise)🐬

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Post: Día internacional del Pulpo /International Octopus Day (ESP/ENG)
Autor: @actioncats


Image by @actioncats made in Canva

"En resumen hay pulpos de diversos tamaños, formas texturas y colores, pero todos son interesantes y hermosos merecen se respetados y conservados, ahora me despido hasta una próxima publicación, deseando desde ya leer sus comentarios."

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Post: Estrellas de Mar /Starfish /ESP/ENG)
Autor: @actioncats


Image by @actioncats made in Canva

"Las estrellas de mar, son muy conocidas y al mismo tiempo no, la razón son objeto de admiración y en ocasiones sacadas de sus aguas para tomarse fotografías con ellas, pero muchas personas desconocen tanto de ellas, lo primero es que erróneamente se les cree un pez cuando en realidad son equinodermos.

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Post: Education, conservation, key for Hawaiian monk seal - Marine Conservation News
Autor: @portsundries


Photo credits: @portsundries📸

"The Maui Nui Marine Resource Council, he Marine Mammal Center-Ke Ka Ola rehabilitation hospital on Hawaii island, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Marine Mammal Center are using conservation education as a tool to fight monk seal harrasment by tourist.

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Post: Small but Terrible | Your Army of Light-Blue Soldier Crabs
Autor: @indayclara


Photo credits: @indayclara 📸
📍San Remegio, Cebu

"I always thought its fun to watch them when they would all burrow under the sand with just one step and crawl their way out again and "run" once they wouldn't feel any movement anymore. As I grew up I never really bothered what they specifically are, all I knew was that they were just "crabs" and boy, I was wrong. I did a little of research and got to know more about these little crustaceans scientifically known as Mictyris longicarpus but I think its best to stick with its common name: Light-Blue Soldier Crabs.

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Post: The problem of microplastics in the marine environment - El problema de los microplásticos en el ambiente marino.
Autor: @capp


Photo credits: Dr. Matthew Cole 📸

"Innovation in different areas could help change plastic use patterns in the future, however, they are not a solution to spreading waste, while prevention, waste management and public awareness are, and more so now that one of the most serious environmental effects of the pandemic is the sudden increase in demand and use of plastic products, and plastic waste production is expected to increase after the pandemic due to hygiene concerns and the recovery of economic activity.

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Autor: @oscurity


Photo credits: @oscurity📸

"Many animals need the oceans to fulfill their biological cycle, for example seabirds like pelicans, gulls need these waters to fish and feed! other animals such as poliferos are permanent inhabitants that serve as a habitat for other animals!😨😨.

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It is a great pride to see the efforts of the authors in their incredible posts!😄👏

We love to see quality posts. You have a chance to be selected for OCD curation.
A special thanks to #OCD for curating and supporting the Aquatic Sentinels Community!

To be eligible for curation:

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  • Photographs and text must be your own or properly sourced with a nice description for each individual photo. Please state why those photos represent our Aquatic World.

  • Do not post a string of pictures without text. Add some explanations between each one of them.

  • QUALITY over quantity!👈

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This project is dedicated to the preservation of our sea, our rivers and lakes, our lagoons. Let's make it possible! Let's share scientific and quality information for the good of our aquatic world!

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DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation :


DNA is an organization to foster and DENSIFY NATURE-APPRECIATION which aims to establish REPORTS OF BIODIVERSITY DATA that is contributed by all of us Hiveans and subsequently cataloged.

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Therefore DNA searches for HIGH-QUALITY posts that aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATION. For these informative posts they offer a CURATION SERVICE using the account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL. Just add the #dna TAG if you think that any of your posts is what they are looking for.

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Interesting selection, thanks for your contribution guys :)

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Thanks for your support @phortun! It is a great pleasure to have you here, we hope that soon you can share information with your incredible photos in Aquatic Sentinels😀🐬

Thank you @hive-154473 and @juanbg for featuring my work! I really think that this community is really cool and should be known more to a lot of underwater enthusiasts.

Thanks for your incredible contribution! That photos are just amazing, also, I think you look at many marine species frequently😀

Really nice curation report 😍 .. The curated posts are altogether very well written and highly educative and informative 👍 .. I really like it, keep that good work @actioncats @capp @eolianpariah @indayclara @oscurity @portsundries !!

They have been incredible works, with quality information, we hope that in the next curation report we will have a greater number of posts!😄

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