Z Dollard = Fake toonies that look pretty convincing.

in Canada10 months ago

A dead friend once said that 'the price of everything is written in jello.'-JR-
Nothing is closer to the truth in this instance.
With a walrus and a just as legitimate queen as on the current Fiat (force) currency, these 'Z dollards' are likely worth more than the ones you have at home.
What is the value of mediums of exchange?
If i sell you my car AS IS, the onus is that you check to see if you want to buy the car. If you buy the car and find problems with it later, is it my fault that you agreed to buy the car? If you handed me an IOU and I took that as payment for said car, is it your fault that I took the IOU?
This is the crux of utmost importance when it comes to personal responsibility.
If two items are traded between two people, would those items be considered currency?
Here is the link to the article.
https:// nationalpost DOT com/news/canada/opp-investigate-fake-toonies-that-look-pretty-convincing-except-these-details
If you happen to come across one of these gems ill buy it off you for double the face value.
You should probably be asking what that value is...well it will be the value of what a toonie would actually be...2 dollars. Which is as valuable as what you think it is based on who you think you could shill it to. It is always about utility and exchange of value towards fungibility, the ability to move value to the next trade.
Just like these coins, what is the value of anything?
Ultimately the value is what someone prescribes to it. If you think it is worth 1000 X, and have someone who would pay your price then it is worth that value, but if there is no buyers at the price you want, then it is not worth what you say it is worth. It is worth what someone would trade you for that defines worth.
Anyone who has dealt in crypto knows this reality when trying to sell shit coins and finding there is no buyers of said shit coin. Making you ask the question, I expect-hope-and-think, 'what are these coins worth if no one wants them?'
In the same fashion, if someone wants the shit coin, their can be an exchange. An agreement on value, enables trade.
I have ocean front property in Montana for sale if you would like to buy, the price is negotiable.

Seriously, if you do come across one of the coins i am on the buy side and the price can be negotiated.

Further, Can these coins actually be considered counterfeit?
Was the intention to actually make coins that have the same resemblance of a countries currency? Or where they made like chips at a casino or token in an arcade?
If the same style as a famous painter is used to remake a piece of art and key details are changed on purpose is, that considered fraud?

These are just some question to consider when looking at the world of currency and trade.
I have been to countries that would not accept neighboring countries currency…Not much else to it at that point. Get what they will take as trade or go away empty handed.

P.S - I am serious about buying one or all of these Z Dollards that you come across.


Reminds me of the fake british pounds that banksy used to make for music festivals. They are worth millions now! Imagine being the forger who creates a bunch of fake coins to get a fraction of their worth only to wake up oneday and noticing your forgeries are now worth more than the currency you forged. What a world this is!

That is why i am hot to buy them or even one of them. They are hilarious and worth more then the actual toonie to me. Heck i would buy a lot of them just to see them. They look like really good quality. I wonder if the artist has another series run to be let out. Keep your eyes pealed and hang on to those if you find one.

I doubt I'll find these over in BC for a while.

Here is hoping....if you come across one do let me know,,,,i pay in Hive!

At first glance no-one would notice the difference between those two coins. How often does someone look for details on each coin you pass them when making a purchase (Its very close to never). If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it still might not be a duck but what the heck, close enough :)

I count my pennies like a mizer, i would see if that came across my hands. But i am not the norm, that is for sure. If you find one hang on to it, that will be worth a lot some day. If you find two ill buy it off of you!