Canadian Charter of Vaccine Passport Rights and Freedoms

in Canada2 years ago

WELL look at that. You already have the rights freedoms ability and choice to do what you want. They cannot change this document just because they have some edict they spew from the tv screen.
Read this document and know that you are already free to do what is best for you. Any things else is Tyranny.


Documents to print off an keep with you:
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Canadian Bill of Rights 1960
The Constitution Acts 1867 - 1982
Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Trespass to Property Act
Motor Vehicle Act
Civil Remedies Act, 2001
Firearms Act

Carrying these documents around with you could help
If you get board, you can read them and learn that you have freedoms listed on the books that you may not be aware of.
Not that any paper will ever give freedom to you which you already have!

Edicts are Not laws.
Universal law trumps all laws of all lands from all persons.
You gain freedom when you realize you must consent to be ruled over.


I carry copies around with me as i go about town....Hold the Charter up and see how people react.
I hope it helps.



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