Blue Canadian Flag? Half mast to remind you of the murder of Democracy

in Canada2 years ago

I seldom watch the news but somethings i am in a room in which it is on. I saw this a few weeks back and figured i would share it to the community as the image has been bothering me for quite some time.

Why is the flag in the right of the picture blue? (See the little guy in the corner...he is pointing to it.) When did we get blue bars on the flag instead of red?
Have I missed something?
I have been living under a rock for the last 20 years. When i came from underground i awoke to a different country one that i did not recognize. There was bodies everywhere piles and pile of bodies in the streets. It was like a plague ran through society wiping out every other person ++. It was mayhem and all things fell apart making it very difficult to do everything. On top of all that, they changed the flag colors and likely the National Anthem.....

What i have i missed? What am i missing in regards to this new blue flag?
Is it to remember all the dead?
The entire half of the country that was and still is being wiped out every second. I see panic and fear everywhere in all places i go as people are falling ill and dying right there in front of me.
So they changed the color of the flag because everyone clothes are soaked in the blood of all the dead that litters the streets. To not trigger the population of loosing half of the country they changed the flag colour to was dead.

Can someone comment on this please. I have searched and asked people who might know....but all i get is blank stares.

As for the half mast flags on all government building....they are commemorating honoring and reminding you all that:
Democracy was murdered and will be killed again for the sake of it.

I tried to get a snap of the other flag but at no time was the angel able to capture if the other flag was died blue. The Health minster of dictation from the edict throne of the Turd-duuu party shoulder is blocking the way of the other flag at all times.


Another slight shift in angle.


The image was taken from the Communist Broadcasting Channel...ahem CBC

Thankfully the plague has not effected anyone i know personalty or within four degrees of separation.....except for job loss depression drug and alcohol abuse suicidal thoughts and actions declining health mentally physically emotionally and spiritually the decimation of people careers life passion and way of living their livelihood and future plans their reason to live go on produce of grow up their graduations family times travel and all things things that make life worth living. But other then that no one i know directly has been part of the trillions of people that have been murdered i mean gotten sick an to this i am grateful.....

Please help shed some light on this Blue flag. Curious minds want to know.