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RE: Words brought an Icon down, yet not enough to flush the TURD down!

in Canada6 months ago

Turd water wants us dead. The best way is to get the lethal injection. After that we can get a microchip and then they can fuse us with machines for total control of our minds and bodies. I mean the one's that are allowed to live. He knows damn well this is not about a virus at all.


At this point anyone who does not know this not about a virus is part of the virus.
They are in the broken psychological state of not being able to see the reality of the situation even when their media gods are telling them that there are big problems. The documents are coming out and more and more people are being affected that turning a blind eyes is almost not possible. These people are broken mentally and are in need of help.
Do you like what i did there....Turd Water? hahah i like it a lot. * Eau du Turd*!