8th Hive borehole in Ghana begins its first stage.

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Those of you who have been following the numerous hive borehole projects with regard to the last few months are going to concur with me that the ongoing projects generally get an immediate update just after the overall project is announced. The 8th hive borehole update, which is now ongoing, has been delayed owing to a subsequent decision made by the chief and community leaders of Chichibon, where the project is currently taking effect.

The leaders subsequently decided that the designated site had to change to allow others on the outside of town easy access to the water as well. This had an impact on the preparations established with the drilling company, resulting in the borehole drilling being rescheduled for a new date. We are pleased to report that the first step of the project has begun well, and we are pleased to provide an update today.

Notwithstanding the fact that Ghana is in the wettest time of the year, it looks like every minute of the day is filled with heavy rainfall. Despite heavy rain all day, we were able to gather all workers in Chichibon, together with community leaders, to kick off this development. Digging is, as it always is, the first step in the process.





Currently, I have the pleasure to advise all hivers on the blockchain that the first phase of the Chichibon hive borehole, involving drilling, has been finished successfully. I want to thank these people for their efforts in supporting us in accomplishing this assignment today. Regardless of the severe rains, working was very difficult. After the drilling is finished, all other operations can begin.

The hive drilling project will very certainly go on to the following stage, which entails the construction of the pillars that will house the poly tank. Employees and materials have been approached and are prepared for usage. All workers and suppliers are expected to be prepared with everything necessary to help with the launch of the subsequent stage of this hive project in Ghana over the weekend.



Ultimately, the hive borehole in Ghana will undergo all of the essential phases and levels for the project's operation. In the meanwhile, we would want to thank everyone for their work and contributions to ensure that the hive ecosystem really improves and empowers communities.

Project : Construction of borehole
Location : Chichibong (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


Thanks for the great news about the Chichibon hive borehole project! Even though it was raining a lot, it's great to hear that the drilling went well. It's also great that the leaders of the town decided to change the designated site so that people from outside the town could also get to the water. This is a great example of how the hive ecosystem can help communities grow and change people's lives for the better.

Thank you for going through this.Hive is certainly a great opportunity to share with people.

I can already imagine the smile of those people who freely use that once they finish. This is really a great project, and with the help of Hive too. 👏✨

Thanks dear.

I'm very happy we could finish up with this stage...we hope the rest of the stages will continue for the final handover to be done..

As always, it certainly will.


I am glad we could reach this stage of the borehole can't wait to see the end results.

Thanks for your participation.

Clean drinking water is a valuable resource. A man can't get drunk on money in a hot desert. And you are well done - you are doing the right thing.

Thanks for the inspiration mate.

Water is !LUV

Luv is all we need.

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I love what you guys are doing. !ALIVE

@mcsamm! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @master-lamps. (1/10)

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And we appreciate your support

Very good project and hope it goes well.

We're hopeful as always,thanks.

Woow! Water is life. The decision of community borehole is a huge one,the starting point is the beginning of success for this project, all thanks to HIVE it is happening 🙂.Great job you guys👍

Tha ks so much

So excited for the new project! Keep up the good work!

We're doing our best.

To the hive community supporting this project and especially @valueplan @mcsamm @collinz Thank you very much. I congratulate you for making this project and helping people.

We do this for all.

Eventually every village in Ghana will have fresh water :) And many of them will have it because of Hive 🙌

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This is our greatedt motivation. Thanks for sharing.

That is awesome. great work :D

Good to see you.

It's just about time to drink another clean water. Thanks to Hive and to you for this project.