My beloved country Indonesia

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hello all friends

for this time I will again try to participate in the weekly contest held by the #hivelearners community which has entered its 25th week of 2nd edition with a very interesting topic, "The Future of the Nation"

I will write some things in my opinion about the future of my country, I judge by some of the current events that are happening which I think this will be fatal and make my country even more destroyed by some mafia if this is not eradicated completely

In recent years, especially in my country, Indonesia, I see that instead of this country getting more advanced and developing, it is even more backward and destroyed, just imagine that almost all goods are expensive and people find it very difficult to get money

one of them in the past few days with an issue that is very widely circulated in my country, namely raising the price of fuel again and that makes me one of the victims of the impact of this atrocity, everything is made all expensive

If I look at the development of my country as it is today, if an improvement is not immediately carried out, this country will continue to decline downwards, just imagine the corruption cases which are so widespread and cannot be controlled, then where will the honorary fate be taken if this is true? abolished, the unemployment rate is increasing every year,

I'm talking like this doesn't mean I don't like my country, but I'm speaking according to the facts that are happening now, no one cares about the small community for now, we are made more difficult in living our daily lives, even though I feel this country it will get worse, the national debt will increase, unemployment will increase, but I hope that everything will recover as before where all our needs can be fulfilled and also all those who are in charge of the current government must be able to directly review how things are in the field.

That's what I can write on the topic this time, if there are all friends who want to take part in a contest like this you can directly look at the following post @kronias


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All countries have their problems, some more than others and the standard of living is really expensive. I hope things get better in your country. Thanks for sharing

every country has different problems but of course there will be a way out

Yes its true your words.

No one hates he's or her country but most times the nation careless of it's citizens that a bigger turn off we hope for a better future and Thanks for sharing.

I think so, we can't hate our country no matter how bad the situation is, but we have the right to give criticism so that our country recovers from a bad situation soon


We all need to pray and hope for the best. We need to believe and hope for the best in our countries.

I think that's because everyone allows their country to progress so that the community will prosper

We all hope for the best in our countries, I pray things get better in your country. Nice write up.

Thank you very much, I will also pray for your country