Looks Like It Happened

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good afternoon to all, how are you today? may the almighty give you health and success, for this edition I will again try to participate in the weekly content organized by the #hivelearners community which has entered its 47th week of edition 02 with this challenging topic, why is that? because I myself just heard the word dejavu for the first time and after I concluded from some of what I have read I can understand what dejavu is and I myself have experienced something like this

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for me deja vu is an event that seems to have happened in the past and we easily remember that event either in the form of a job or a place we have never actually visited but we easily remember it, it looks like a reality

but to be more detailed about the concept of dejavu itself until now I myself don't really understand but I'll try to find out, because from some of the writings I've read there are some differences which but in the basic concept is an event that actually didn't happen but we can feel like this has happened in the past, and for myself have I ever experienced this dejavu condition? Of course, there have even been several times and I think everyone has experienced this so that it makes us a little confused with our own memories and feels strange things at once

I experienced this condition some time ago when I was out of town and I visited one of the tourist attractions there, for this place I had never been to that place at all but when I saw a few sides it made me a little jolted and confused, this place is not too foreign for me, of all the circumstances there it makes me remember more about that place, but in fact I have never been here, is this what is called the dejava condition? I don't really know myself either, but I often experience things like that,

not only about the place, even when i meet some people it feels familiar to me and like i've met him before but when i think back i can't find the moment when i met him before, this looks very strange to me, just don't really know maybe I have abnormalities in some of my nostalgic memories

in some of these incidents it all didn't really mean much to me, because I immediately thought maybe I had a dream about what happened so that it made me refocus and didn't get carried away in the dejavu atmosphere for too long

this is what I can write about on the topic this time, and I am very grateful that with this topic I can finally find out what has happened to me is dejavu, because before I never knew, and if there are some words in my writing that I'm wrong, sorry because I use the help of Google Translate to write each of my posts and with this topic we can also exchange ideas with several other writers and make it easier for us to understand them, if you want to follow the content like I did you can immediately see the post the following @kronias



Does it mean we've not really experienced what we felt, but our brain makes it feel like we've have, hmm mysterious

true, this is very mysterious, something that has never happened but looks like it has happened

This topic enlightened me too and made me know that what I have experienced before is what is called Dejavu and I believe we will always remember this term more when expressing ourselves.

yes you are right, I also just found out about this thing called denjavu after several times I experienced something like this this is a really very unique topic

Deja Vu can sometimes be a feeling that you haven't experienced before but a news or story you heard, sometimes a movie

there are so many terms of denjavu that I myself don't know in more detail. It is clear that this is something of a mystery that we have ever felt

These passages and experiences make us think about so many things, many of the questions are related to our existence.