I wouldn't do this, even if I was paid a million dollars

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good night to all active members of the #hivelearners community that I'm proud of, I hope we are all always given health and success so that what we plan can be achieved

for this opportunity I will again try to participate in the weekly contest which today has entered its 46th edition 01 with a topic that is definitely very good for participating

let alone having that much money, just thinking about it I have never been able to earn that much money, one million dollars if I look for it in my country's currency it is one billion more we can even do all the things we want to do



everyone would want to have that much money, even if it could be more than that, that's why we still work every day whose goal is to get as much money as possible to make ends meet, but if I get that much money of course there are some things I will never do do it even though I was offered to pay that much money

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  • the first thing I will never do is kill fellow human beings, because that is an act that is strictly prohibited in my religion, even an act that is so heinous, don't kill yourself, I really can't stand it when I see a video where in the video there was an argument that resulted in killing each other among human beings, whatever offer is given to me to do this, of course I will refuse spontaneously without having to think about anything else, even though I really need money.

  • The second thing I will never do is leave my religion and the people I love. There are many incidents in my area where they are willing to change their faith just because they get an offer of so much money. similar in my area, but for me belief is a fixed price that can never be replaced with money, as well as family and people I love, I will not leave them even though they will be offered with so much money because they are people which I love and certainly can not be replaced by money

  • The thing that I will never do is steal, as long as I live I have never thought of stealing, even though I am at the point where I really need money, and in my religion it is also very forbidden to steal money even the laws of my country are very strict. forbade doing this, the impact of stealing is also so great that we steal something that is not very valuable, but if we are caught, we will be beaten up by the masses, like someone who died because they were caught stealing

Those are the three basic things that I will never do no matter what condition I'm in, and of course there are some other things that I will be tempted by when we have a lot of money, such as gambling, getting drunk and playing with women's names. , this is also something that I would never do and haven't even had in my mind to do that, maybe among the three main points that I wrote at this time, some agree and there are also differences, it all depends on each other's point of view every individual human being, which of course all have their own perspective to determine a better life

thank you for reading my post today, and if all of my friends want to take part in a contest like I did you can see the following post @kronias


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