Role models? I have lost count!

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Imagine that everyone is observing you and basing their actions and words on how you behave.

That previous line is, in my opinion, the best explanation of what a role model is. Everything we do in life is mostly impacted by what we observe, hear, or read. Our immediate environment has the greatest impact on us.

Significance of family

Family is sometimes considered to as the foundation of a country for this reason. The nuclear family is the most direct source of influence and role models for children. Therefore, it is impossible to overstate the relevance and value of effective parenting.

Children who grow up in happy households are generally considered to be happier, and they also tend to be more intelligent and have better social skills than children who are born into unhappy homes or abusive marriages.

Even though a child's family is very important to them, as they get older and learn to read and interact with others, they start to identify other individuals that they find intriguing or deserving of being their role models.

Such a person could be popular or unpopular, young or elderly, living or deceased. As long as the person is mesmerized by the other's lifestyle, nothing else matters.

My role models

Like myself, many other people have a variety of role models. But without further ado, allow me to categorize my role models and explain why I admire them.


I look up to @olawalium as a role model when it comes to blogging. Why? The reason is that he works hard and publishes in many different platforms. I love his reliability, his articles and poems, as well as his modesty and the fact that he always has time to answer any queries or mentor a novice. He is such a pleasant person, and he is one of the people that inspired me to start posting on Hive.

Leadership and Politics

I would say that I have several international role models whether it comes to politics or leadership. Examples include Obafemi Awolowo, a native of Nigeria and a leader who battled for the country's independence before rising to the position of premier in western Nigeria. He took several actions as Premier that helped the western area outperform other regions. He established free education, erected the first television station in all of Africa, the cocoa house, which at the time was Nigeria's tallest structure, and liberty stadium, one of the continent's top sporting venues.

Have other leaders to aspire to, such as Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, and others, but Zelenskyy is the most recent one. He demonstrated his leadership skills by resisting Russian attack and staying in his nation throughout the siege of Kyiv.


I have several role models that I learn from when it comes to programming or let's say web development, such as Mosh Hamedani, Kelvin Powell, and a plethora of others. Even though he is still a novice, @Kushyzee's IQ is top-notch, thus even I can claim he is a role model (lol).


I have a lot of role models in the scientific community, particularly in the discipline of chemistry. Alfred Nobel and Marie Curie are two examples. Without including Albert Einstein, who is perhaps the most well-known scientist to have ever lived, how could you possibly include renowned scientists from throughout the globe? Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton are scientists who every young person looks up to, even if they have little interest in physics.

The reason why they became my role models

Why do these folks serve as my role models? I frequently just appreciate some aspects of my role models rather than the whole person.

For instance, I can't claim that I envy the way of life of the late Fela Kuti, a well-known Nigerian artist who is credited with creating the Afrobeats musical subgenre. His lifestyle isn't exactly something I aspire to, but his teaching and crusade against corruption and the military regime do make him an inspiration to me.

You can sum up everyone that I like and consider a role model in the same way. It may be a particular political or religious viewpoint, the way they act or write, their boldness or tenacity, or the way they instruct and explain.

Before I view someone as a role model, there must be something that draws me to them and that something must have a significant impact on how I think, write, speak, observe, and engage in
almost any activities.

Thanks for reading!


Good behavior and character attracts people to you and so people will be able to see you as someone worthy of following.

If you follow your models you must be a role model for someone else.
Thanks for sharing with us ❤

Haha, yes indeed! I hope, I follow their good attributes. Thanks rafatrony 🤝

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You really have lots of role models, with sincerity, straight forwardness and good character people get attracted to you. Thanks for this!

Yes I do. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

Indeed... We all have what works for us, and it may be different from what everyone else prefers. It's okay.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

You're most welcome. Thanks for finding my post worth reading

Thank you so much, brother. I am humbled and I feel honoured to be recognized so. God bless your heart.

You're welcome sir