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Education, they say, is the best legacy. Now, does the question “is it a scam?” could imply that the best legacy is (not) a scam! Ordinarily, I believe this should not even be a topic of discussion. But we still got to do some justice to it anyway.

Using my immediate society as a case study, the concept of education being a scam was and still is perpetrated by those who have passed through the so-called education and are even reaping the fruits of it already. Ain’t that funny? This is because I have not seen someone who had no access to education saying education is but a scam. Or is it really? 🤔

Most of us know that education has its formal and informal aspects. Also, most times the scam thingy always revolves around the formal part, only the universe knows the grace the informal enjoys. Formal education is one that occurs in a definite area, otherwise called the four walls of the classroom.

There are 3 levels of (formal) education: primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Primary education is the one on which all other forms of education are built. Once this foundation is set well, every other thing is too. I am sure that if primary education is absent in a human life, saying "Education is a scam" is impossible!

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A Community It Is

Yes, I agree that some (not a lot of the things) we were taught there do not apply in real life. For me, that “a lot” means more than maybe 60%. Even if we were to say a lot, it does not still enough to come to that conclusion. Schools (or other educational centers) are actually the ones that pave the way for activities other than school. The activities we learn or get involved in that made us think as opposed, or otherwise, to education. Those centers not only provided education, of course, but they also provided a community – a community for different things. For example, the Developer Student Club (DSC) is basically an undergraduate club for those involved in the world of coding. Now, if there were no tertiary institution in a place that means the DSC can not have a presence there.

The kind of people who, at times, portray this notion is those who are not working in a place that correlates to their degree or skilled people e.g programmers, copywriters, etc. I believe none of them could say that they could have become who they are without at least a primary education. No one!

What do you think produced the noble professions we know - the doctors, engineers, lawyers, economists, etc.

In my immediate society, I know some will say men like Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of a tertiary institution to pursue his Facebook goal. Yes, I agree he did. And wasn’t Facebook successfully? Yes, it is. But do we ask the questions about how he got the mentality to be able to create and start that project everyone knows today? Somehow he must have started to learn coding from things he probably found in his previous schools, or on the internet. If he lags in that aspect, he may definitely have no Facebook to his name.

Education is and never is a waste of time and resources. Because it forms an essential part of our existence in this modern world. This is the reason why education is now a norm in almost every part of the world, just like how a phone is more or less a part of human existence. Saying education is a scam, okay, so what do we do to it? Do we erase it from existence? Do we hinder our kids from going to school at all? No!

In Other Ways

Nevertheless, I understand that there are some structures in place in our present educational setting which we have grown to note and see that should be eliminated. There exist elements that are there to verily frustrate the students and even such that the true aim of education is not achieved and discontinued/ I also agree to the fact that some things should have been upgraded per time so as not to be stale. It is sad however that there are a lot of stale things still existing in the system.

However, these things are more or less identified by students or the younger generation so to say who is more likely to be more informed and younger than those who administrate in the system, especially the teachers. And to change a system that has been in existence even before one's parents were born is not an easy task. One would have to fiercely combat the bureaucracy that exists almost everywhere, the monsters everyone fears, and on and on ... before the fearsome structure itself.

In Conclusion

But I know we can modify how the education impacts the students so that they could have a better mindset than what we think is not healthy enough for them. But removing education? Certainly not. And is education still a scam? Apart from the little mishaps in there, it is NO!!

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This is my entry for the Hive Learners W14 edition 3. You can check it out here.


Education was not, is not, and will never be a scam...

Nice words.

Very well, yes. I understand that at times the frustration that sets in on us - the students and products of the system can make us say something else.

Due to the economy of this country Nigeria today, has made education be called a scam because of the lack of jobs for those that have graduated but for me, I think education isn't a scam because it has helped to brighten our skills and talent

Yes, it is due to the situation in our society that makes for that derogatory remarks on education. Basically, education made those calling it a scam be able to say such at least.

Education is different things for different people, but for everyone, it opens up their eyes to see possibilities that normally they would have been blind to. That is what makes it so important.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Exactly, it is what opens our eyes of enlightenment basically.

Education is truly the best legacy you can have and can never be a scam

Verily on point..