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Technology has experienced a huge advancement in a little more than the last two decades. Infact, it has been shown quantitatively that the growth that occured during that time is more than that of the previous fifty years combined. That is how exponential it has been. All in all, tech and its by-products have come to stay. And it is bridging the gap between them and human such that soon enough, it melts into our respective personalities and we virtually can not be defined without it.


A day without my phone? I can't imagine that again. Again, because it sure has happened before but it must have been a time where I had to seclude myself compulsorily. I can be sure of my laptop not doing much damage in its absence. Infact, I am presently in a place where I won't see my laptop for the next four days. Not that I am going to die if my phone is not by my side but the relevance is not of little magnitude.

For the purpose of this context, I would say humans as we are built to survive will still find a way around it since phones or our computers won't exist anymore (hopefully for just a day pls). Irritability is a natural characteristic of living things at large.

Not having my beloved phone with me means I would have to go old-school - to the days of our forefathers. First, I know that whatever I do, my family is my family. The time here will be utilized to have a more than usual relationship. I will have anyone available and engage them well to a fault. Truth be told, phones have kind of reduced our social interaction. So its absence definitely will bring a little more interaction with one another. Same applies to extended family and other members I may be closed to in my environment.

Being old-fashioned means e-books are non-existent. Although I strongly prefer hard copy books to the other. I will so much love to bring up those books I have not been able to finish or even start due to one thing or the other. Infact, at the moment I started reading one of my favourite books - The Godfather by Mario Puzo after abandoning it for long. It is high time I (we) went back to all those old folklores our old parents told us by the moonlight. I am sure its going to be fun!😁

Well, to be truthful, once in a while in that one week, I am sure my mind will race back to wanting my phone and laptop in my hands. Definitely, the thought of Hive, some information and money I should have acquired but I will pull through it somehow. One week is just some days away, right?!

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A Masterpiece

Honestly, it is hard to separate us from these devices. And worst will it be if we are suddenly separated, most people don't mind using their last cash to get a replacement. They are now survival devices.

I just hope when such a separation occurs it won't be like the case of how drug addicts be when their supply is cut. 😂

It could be oh! These devices are designed intentionally to be addictive.

Yes, very true! Even the apps you see all around. They want more of you around. See those ads or feed for facebook just wants to make sure you stay burning your time and data.

Exactly bro. Notifications is the thief. You just managed to stay few minutes without your phone. The next thing u hear is a beep and the next few minutes you resumed the endless circle of scrolling.

Honestly, you got the drill..!! That notifications sound na devil.😂

If due to circumstances we have to not use mobile for a week then many changes will be noticed in our life and our life will be slightly different. But we can only imagine it at present because it is very difficult to become a reality

Yes o. Many and no small changes. For sure, huge changes are set to occur if phones get absent. But the question is can that occur?

It will seem like the longest week ever, but it will end eventually. And you'll get your gadgets back.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

It will require a whole lots of techniques to cope without phone for a week but like you said, human will always find a way around such because it's not a pressing physiological need.

Yes, we'd pull through it anyway IF it were to happen.

I can't imagine being without my phone for a day...I don't want to start imagining it!