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Really, I had quite a whole world of unknowns while growing up. Well, maybe they were not really unknowns but what I would still come by when I come of age. When I was younger, even when watching cartoons I am most fascinated by those ones that include tech-related kinds of stuff in their dealings. I never liked movies that were just plain - without tech or magic - it just got to have one of the two.

Now, this brings us to...

Week 05 - Edition 02 Topic

Over the years, the world has gone through various technological changes in almost every sphere of life. Some of these are good while affecting us in negative ways. Tell us about your favorite technological advancement today.

Well, I am not sure I do have favourites but I'll try, at least limit the number.


The first place among my favourite technology is the advent of the computer. When I began to know my left from the right, I do see my dad working with his desktop - this huge box with a black surface at the front that shines colourfully when he works with it. I bet that is the description my little self would have given if asked. I also remember my parents do say that I was the one who spoilt my dad's first computer which I do not remember. But this explains that I have been attracted to computers since I was little.


Relative to this topic, the computer still keeps me wondering how they went from the big boxy shape to something that a hand could even be larger than. At least, I was taught in school that they once occupied a block of rooms. The evolutionary trend is amazing. You know, I mentioned ...that a hand could even be larger than.. this is referring to the smartphones that exist now. This portable thingy encompasses lots of features other than a computer, it entails a whole camera, cinema, internet connectivity, you name it!


The second I would love to mention here is the conventional four legged-vehicle, better call, cars. The Same thing, growing up, when I board a vehicle with anyone I was going out with, I always had this mentality that the vehicle I was in must be faster than others. This means, to me then, it must overtake any vehicle it meets on the highway. And if the case was otherwise, I'd feel dejected really. Now, that I am in a tertiary institution, reading about the advent of engines causing locomotions in these vehicles is somewhat amazing to me.


So far, vehicles especially cars have graduated from being just the big, slow, rickety etc. ones to the lightweight, faster, more safety-conscious ones etc. The likes of automatic brakes, anti-theft and driverless systems are revolutionary. Even the ergonomics in terms of the interior, you'd see that work is constantly ongoing to improve the comfortability of the occupants. And now, the rise of renewable/green energy too is bursting forth miles away from the usual pollution and rickety-rickety caused by fossil fuels, for example, the Tesla cars are top-notch for me in this aspect. I have gone through almost all the features of the Tesla cars and I must confess, those are heaps of tech bundled into one.


This means the global interconnection of computers, although computers are not just the ones you see around. Some are called supercomputers that handle tasks a million times that of a PC. The internet grew from just a tool of some people to what the whole world builds on.


I guess you'd ask how is the (modern) world built on the Internet. Looking at it from business - mobile banking apps, career - freelancing platforms, skillsets - graphic design, automobiles - self-driving cars, home automation and so on. All these use the internet to disseminate and operate on real-time information for humans and computers to make decisions.


Branching out to accomodating things other than just books or knowledge on the internet, giving rise to the Internet of Things (IoT). This basically means that your smartwatch, fridge, Air Conditioner (AC), TV etc at home can be on the Internet interacting with each other even when you are not around as long as you have done just your necessary part with little or no effort.

Very well, technology has come to stay and it ain't going be idle. It is a constantly evolving field that has somehow become a part of human existence whether we like it or not. But we can only utilize it to benefit mankind by integrating virtually anything we do into it.


You've outlined the fact that computer, automobiles and internet had brought about technical advancement to the world at large. I wonder how the world would have been without all these in place. Great post @temibot

Yes! Very well, its unimagineable sef 😂

The world is going further through technology, the internet is advancing everyday making life more easier... Of course it has come to stay and it isn't going to be idle..
Nice piece broo

Its never going to be idle cos its constantly evolving.

Very well brother 🙏💙💕

Everything technology has made for us is of good importance, each technology has their own use such as automobile which makes transportation easier.

Yes, although tech is primarily to positively affect human life..

Life has really been made easier through the help of advanced technology. As you have said, it has come to stay... in addition to it, as it has come to stay, we should be the one controlling it and making it advantageous to us and not the other way round.

Thanks for this great piece @temibot

But this explains that I have been attracted to computers since I was little.

By spoiling a whole computer?🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

By spoiling a whole computer?🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

Well, if that could count though..😂

Awesome writing man and really computer is very important for every people.

Yes,very important ...its now just like a basic need for us.

Wait a few more years when we start having holograms of people and our phones become implanted inside us 😅

Yes, very soon really. It is more or less becoming like they are kind of creating a synergy with computers.

Yay! 🤗
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Wow... i just remembered when we used to be taught about computers back then in school. The computers of those days were so big that you would have to enter inside them to operate them. It was just full of wires, generated so much heat and it was so slow.
But at that time, they were happy and impressed with their technology.
This tells you just how far we have come.
This day, even if you want to give out that kind of computer for free no one will take it from you. Such is life.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Wow... i just remembered when we used to be taught about computers back then in school. The computers of those days were so big that you would have to enter inside them to operate them. It was just full of wires, generated so much heat and it was so slow.

Yes, those are the features of those called the first to the third generation of computers. But now, computers are almost as slim as a bean!

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