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In life, we have seen many people come and go. Generations after generations, humans have always been faced with some kind of limitations. Per time, we have seen cases of diseases and or infections. Some show signs and symptoms and others are quite invisible till they grow worse.


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What is a disease?

According to Wikipedia,

A disease is a particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of all or part of an organism, and that is not immediately due to any external injury. Diseases are often known to be medical conditions that are associated with specific signs and symptoms.

In other words, it is when the state or condition of a living thing deviates from a normal one to an uncomfortable one whether internally or otherwise.

Well, with respect to the prompt I am working with, having the privilege to be able to cure high blood pressure (HBP) is what I will be grateful for. High blood pressure, also called Hypertension, in itself may not sound like a disease but it has always been a major feature of heart diseases. The main reason why I opted for this is that I have seen that it affects the majority of the older generation. I am someone who likes to get closed to older people in a view to gain priceless lessons from their experiences. These people are those who may have labored well in their early years and during the time when a large portion of them are supposed to retire or are required to do less work, this HBP sets in.

Basically, from my knowledge of science, pressure is defined as the force per unit area of a surface be it solid, liquid, or blood vessels as in this case. So, this means that when the force of a substance going through or on a particular (constant) area gets higher in magnitude, you should expect an uncomfortable situation in that area. It is like trying to force a bigger pen into a slightly (or not) elastic pin hole. That is what HBP is fundamentally.

From my experience with some doctors, some say that at a slightly higher than normal blood pressure, it is okay for older people. While in the real sense, it may sound scary but things are not always what it seems to be. The advice to some people nursing this issue is, most times, to re-consider their eating habits or some other things. But deep down to me, I would say that these people never knew these things till this issue came. I think people should not suffer from what they never knew. But such is life. Life is not fair.

I believe if HBP has a fast, effective, and instant cure like those for ordinary headaches, we will have a more healthy older generation. In fact, with this, a large portion of heart disease will be solved and live happily ever after.

This is my entry for the Hive Learners week 23 edition 2 topic which you can check out here.


HBP is common especially in Nigeria and within young and old. The way the country is, it is understandable to have more people having it. The country is not freaking safe!

Yes, everywhere one looks there is something either obvious or not that is capable of causing high blood pressure.

It is well...

More and more people keep on falling victim to HBP, and mostly through no fault of their own. The situation of the country as it is is enough to send someone over the edge. We just have to be careful in our dealings and make sure we take care of ourselves.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Yes.. Being careful and moderate in the things we do is key to living well!

Nice ! I am curious how you are helping to cure it?