No Tech, One Week

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I got this topic from @Jane1289's post on another platform. You have been restricted from having any use and/ or interaction with a tech device of any sort. This restriction is to be in place for one week. What would your life be like? Well, for starters, we all know how our lives are centred, depend and guided by our devices these days. It's like without our devices, we almost become useless to ourselves and that's even worse for those of us who try to earn a living online.

There's a general smart device addiction going on in the world right now and no one is talking about it. Of course, this is an engineering of the tech companies. They make you believe that you can't do without their devices much like every other business out there, but the problem is the sheer amount of money and investment that huge companies like these tech companies pour into conditioning the minds of their customers and potential customers.

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In recent years, drug firms have had to pay all kinds of settlements for the intentional engineering and fuelling of the opioid crisis in the US. While the tech companies are doing the same thing. Will they ever be held to account? Who knows? Most are American companies after all, vital to "national security" and of course, Europe will stupidly kneel before the desire of the American government and every other nation will just be disrespected.

Back to me. What would I do if I were on an enforced one-week tech break?


Firstly, I am an avid reader. 95% of the time I spend on my phone, I'm reading things or the other (funny things; none of them are my academic needs😂). So, I will spend a lot of that one week with my eyes on one book or the other. I also do a lot of newspapers reviews, although that will be less, considering I will have to buy hard copies and there's just so little money to spare for these days, thanks to inflation, unreasonable and unprecedented price hikes, as well as rusty's unkindnesss😂.


Once a writer, always a writer. I will keep writing, howbeit on paper writing is kind of an outlet for me, so I know I will keep doing it, knowing fully well that I can post it when I get my phone back.


I have been struggling on and off to do this on a regular. But I'm failing. So, I will give it a whirl. The one week might just be what I need to make a habit of it. I will also do more to care for my hygiene as my room is hardly a place to be proud of most times. Consequences of spending too much time on the phone.


I don't remember the last time I got to play football or scrabble. I don't remember the last time I went to watch a real-life football match. Given that one week, I will play football every single evening as long as there are no injuries.


Lastly, I will allow myself a freaking good amount of sleep. Lately, I've developed this habit of sleeping late, with or without cause. Most days, I see myself actively fighting sleep and instead wasting time on my phone doing anything and everything unproductive. So, I will catch enough sleep in that one week.

What about you? I would like to hear yours


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