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I haven't been able to post articles for a while—better put, the last few weeks—because I've been too busy with things outside Hive, but I still make an effort to maintain my presence here, offer comments, and take part in other community events.


My current goal is to have a structured education that will enable me to become a World Class Software Engineer, thus I am enrolled in two distinct online programs. The first program is offered by a new company to the tech industry called Alt-school Africa, which offers a wide range of technical courses, including Data Analyst, Data Science, Product Design, Frontend, Backend, and even Cloud Engineering. I'm taking Cloud Engineering in the aforementioned classes. I choose this course because it is relatively new to the tech industry and is less congested than the other course suggested.


Before I could focus on studying the Cloud Engineering Course, I had to take a few Frontend Engineering classes, which required me to master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I spent some time learning JavaScript because I liked how difficult it was and how it forced me to utilize logic and reasoning to solve difficulties.

I briefly considered sticking with JavaScript and switching to Frontend as I've been familiar with it for a while, but I ultimately decided I needed the cloud and had to temporarily abandon JavaScript. Since I haven't used JS in over a month—since the latter week of July—I am certain that I have forgotten a lot about it.


I have been studying Shell and making an effort to comprehend everything there is to know about the shell. The shell is more complicated than it appears to be, but with time, I will gain a better understanding of it. I've recently been experimenting with Linux Ubuntu 20.04 and learning about Shell Navigation, Shell Permissions and Management, Program Files, and I've even started studying bash scripting.


Yes, I am aware that I haven't been using the tool that Hive has provided for us to learn and earn, nor have I been posting about my progress or what I've learned. So, as soon as possible, I'll try to correlate all I've learned so far into several blog posts. Because I watch tutorials and study every day on YouTube, I absolutely need the money to be able to pay for my monthly data subscription. These days, I literally don't talk to others or socialize due to this reason.

In the second program, ALX Africa, which I am a part of, I receive highly thorough instruction in software programming, covering everything from frontend to cloud. The fact that they are teaching me exactly what I am learning as a Cloud Engineer although I have only just begun, the program is extremely humorous. In order to finish these challenging Shell navigation tasks by the deadlines, I have been forced to put in a lot of research time and YouTube watching.


I receive up to two or three assignments per day, some with a deadline of 24 hours and others with a deadline of two to three days, and a task may contain as many as 20 difficult-to-answer code problems. However, the reality is that tasks arrive every day, save for weekends, and if I let them build up, they become impossible to finish.


Evaluating the differences between ALX and AltSchool. I have a lot of breathing room at AltSchool, and the assignments are even better explained. They have an excellent manual and a learning system with exercises that go beyond what you are being taught, but ALX, if you were to rely solely on the materials they provided, you would never be able to complete any of the tasks.

I haven't slept for longer than four hours in a row in a very long time. Even my parents have complained that they seldom ever get to see me sleep because I am always working on my schoolwork at night. Think about your parents pleading with you not to study 😂🤣. They genuinely care about my health and don't want me to become ill or shut down.

I picked this career because I have a great interest for it. It is a difficult trip, and the fact is that I consider quitting up every day. Even though I have been studying for hours, I still get upset when I have to complete a task. However, I am forced to keep going because I have a strong desire to make changes in my life within the next five years. And if I don't pay the price now, at whatever cost, it won't be feasible. It is a reference to the proverb "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger."

Even afterwards, since Hive is a part of me, I would do my best to find time for it. I may not be particularly active when it comes to posting, but I am very active behind bars. i.e.



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Starstrings01 AKA Giftedhands is a Hive lover, a Nigeria musician (Guitarist), and also a student who studies Mechatronics Engineering at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

His goal on Hive is to be more than a regular blogger but something more; someone with a purpose. That’s one of the reasons why he founded the newbies initiative @newbies-hive to help guide and support newbies. Kindly click here to follow the @newbies-hive curation trail.

He battles and struggles with balancing education and being active on the chain but yet his love and passion for Hive keep him on balance.

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Reading through this, I kept picturing how it could be studying both online and offline and it was not something just anyone could do and that's what you are doing.

Not sleeping won't be the only thing you might be sacrificing, I'm sure it's also hard to get the time off to eat something at the right time but for now I'm sure your mom will be helping with that for now but going back to ABK I'm sure it will become harder for you.

I can imagine it, do you know that now a days parents wants their children to be healthy than purse education unlike the old days but you know the funny thing, now the children are more keened on acquiring knowledge.

I can only advise you to take it easy too sha because this life and all that it offers is vanity, but that doesn't mean you should not work, it just means that you should always put your heart first after God because if you don't have it, those other things will mean nothing to you.

I wish you all the best in balancing your time in achieving your goals.

Thank you very much for your wishes and nice words. Definitely, putting God first in everything I do is complete vanity but at least I am taking action to build my life while God would make them fruitful.

You're welcome Sir, I'm so glad you appreciated it. And yes you are doing well, because God said he's going to bless the work of our hands and he will surely bless you.

More power to you bro. As for me, I'm working on my illustration and animation skills.

I have a YouTube video I'm watching and I'm reading two books.

Finding someone to show me the way has been hard. I'll probably find a course when I've gotten good enough and I have money.

Hello there! What kind of illustration and animations?
This has always been my dream but also finding someone to guide me has been a problem too.

I have watched Youtube tutorials and tired lol.
Can we perhaps rub shoulders if you are good at it? @ebingo

Hey...I'll totally be glad to. 08134530293

You can reach out to me here. I'll show you the videos I'm watching and the books I'm reading.

And I will love to see your works so far too.
Is this your WhatsApp contact? I will message you.

Becoming a Dev has always been my dreams.
Thank you for sharing my friend.

Hola, what plans are you now making towards this dreams.

I will be a liar if I say I can't relate to any of this😂
The last time I checked, TECH almost took my life 😂 (on a low key though)
The sleepless nights, the eye aches, fixing your eyes on your screen for not less than 12 hours every day. It is always crazy trust me and I am sure you know it as a senior dev you are lol.

And ALX? God knows, nothing under this face of earth would push me to join, not even money. I love to gain knowledge and skill no doubt but not at the detriment of my own soul😂💔
ALX program is a suicide mission lol, and I am not ready to take part in that mission. I have a lot of friends from my last program cohort who are doing ALX and every day they complain about the stress and workload some of them on the verge of giving up and dropping out.

We don't even wanna talk about the deadlines you have to meet for a particular task. We used to have these crazy deadlines also to meet in the Zuri program I did.
Fullstack is no bloody joke to anyone, having 5-6 tasks every week with crazy deadlines is no joke.

At a point, I wanted to switch to just frontend but it was already too late so I had to juggle between frontend and backend languages and God knows at some point I got lost in Python and its framework Django. I was only just hoping and praying to finish the course that's all.
And like you said, that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger this was my thought as well and I vowed I was gonna finish the program no matter how tough it was.

I haven't slept for longer than four hours in a row in a very long time. Even my parents have complained that they seldom ever get to see me sleep because I am always working on my schoolwork at night. Think about your parents pleading with you not to study 😂🤣. They genuinely care about my health and don't want me to become ill or shut down.

It's my mom that used to pity me sha. What have I not suffered because of tech? The days I have to go around with my PC looking for power supply cause you have to attend classes, meetings and meet deadlines for tasks lol.

Omor, I leave tech for you guys abeg, no be my life tech go take abeg lol. The program was fun while it lasted even with all the stress, headaches, burning of data, frustrations, depression and sleepless nights lol.

Snr Dev @starstrings01 I hail you o😁😂 you see ALX? The lord is your muscles o. I wish you all the best. I see you doing great things and achieving everything you have in mind to achieve dear, after all, your hands are gifted. Good luck with your tech dreams dear.

More power to you bro. Thanks a lot for sharing your journey with us. It could inspire of a lot of aspiring Devs and hustlers. 🔥🔥

Btw 4 hours of sleep is too less. Gotta listen to your parents this time. 😂😂

Smiles... Immediately after I wrote this post, I went to study, eat and sleep. I gave myself 5hours of sleep before coming back up to reply to comments.

The truth is sometimes this lack of sleep results in my legs getting to feel weak or my body that I would have no choice but to drop everything I am doing and sleep.

Not a problem bro, I understand that sometimes you have to compromise but do it in moderation. I used to be like that when I was in my twenties. Lack of sleep will deter your health and you will end up losing your focus and energy. 7-8 hours of sound sleep is necessary to function at your prime.

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Coding was one of my main interest since high school as it has hooked it since I tried it the first time. After finishing my non-coding degree and after a few jobs, I started getting myself into it again. It is indeed a very time intensive to master.

Good luck to your studies. 😊


yes oh, it is very time intensive to master especially with putting in quite a lot of efforts as well.


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Wow, it's obvious you have a whole lot in your hands both online and offline. Being a cloud engineer is not a joke, only the terminologies you are using here shows that the task is a difficult one😂😂, not meant for grasshoppers 🦗 brains 🧠..lols

Wow, you have started well, despite how demanding it is, I will encourage you not to nurse the idea of giving up. I have a family friend who did the same program and today, his financial status is just too yummy 😋. Just like you said, pay the price now and enjoy later. This sacrifice is also for your future kids and I am sure they will be proud of their Dad for clearing the road for them.

I wish you the GRACE you need to reach the finish line 👍👌

I get how it feels when it gets overwhelming. I'm a web developer currently diving into Blockchain Technology and I can tell you it can be daunting if you don't have a drive for it. I wish you all the best and I am guaranteed that you will become a good developer if you keep up with it.

These days, I literally don't talk to others or socialize due to this reason.

This! Right now I no longer have any social life, I even had to uninstall Whatsapp and that's all because I'm on the path of becoming a programmer and I can totally understand what you're going through. I'm taking an online computer science course with Harvard university and although it's not as stressful as ALX, it still takes a hell lot of my time. All our sacrifices and efforts will definitely be worth it in the end, giving up is not an option

Having a goal and a plan makes it acceptable ;)

Success is never easy is it? Remaining engaged during this time is admirable. I guess many would have simply put Hive on the backburner.

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Hive is already a part of you, so even though the stressful offline work takes so much of your time that you have no time for hive, the fact that hive is already a part of you makes you naturally go to it just like you have now...I mean being able to create this post.

That being said, This post of yours really got my attention in the sense that this is something I am actually interested in but haven't started anything yet. The only move I have made is getting a Pc. I also have been busy on several sites that I work in trying to make sure that I earn money to pay my bills because no one will. WE Survive by God's grace.

Building a career in tech is something my heart yearns for and I am interested in it, having a mentor like you at this point would not be a bad idea, so expect me in your dm.

A few questions came to my mind as I read through your post. Even though I don't understand the language now, I am confident that I will soon and I am aware that it won't be an easy journey.

The question I have in my mind is this, what does a person need to learn this stuff you've written on?

What qualifications do I need to learn it?

What and what do I need to learn?

I noticed on the post, you wrote that you first had to learn HTML, Javascript, and more of that stuff, so I assume that those are what I would need to learn first to get started. A friend already hinted to me about this.

Would you mind being my mentor?

I will be in your DM. By the way, Thanks for the delegation.

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yeah, it is not easy to and it is very easy to loose focus on what you want since the distractions out there are a lot.

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