Kitencte fruit made into bullets

in Hive Learnerslast year (edited)

Dear friends I am proud of in this community, I want to share a photo of a fruit that does not know about this fruit even its name I do not know yet.
I don't think this fruit can be eaten because it never sees anyone eating it.
Therefore I post in this community if there are friends who know about this fruit.
You can leave an explanation in the comments below.

It turns out that this fruit is a kitencte fruit that is commonly used to look for toy bullets.kicente








Plants vary by region. You should tell us which forest and country.

There are many poisonous berries.

I always seek the help of locals. If locals don't know what it is, then I avoid it.

Thank you for your attention and advice.
I'm going to edit and find a complete source about this post

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