introduce myself in hive learner community




Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are all healthy and well. On this occasion I will introduce myself to this community at the request of
the hive learner community. I live in Lhoksukon in Aceh, in Indonesia, I am approximately 22 years old.
In recent weeks I have been travelling to the mountains .I learned from my friend to know hive blog from a friend of @naisfreedom
He was also the one who introduced me to the hive learners community under the account name @sariyulis21
My real name is sariyulis is usually often called ulis,I work as a laborer.


Since I live in a village maybe in the area we have a lot of content that can be shared with the community I will look for photos that I can find in the neighborhood around my houses because the houses are around the forest.

Previously, I also posted some content in the hive learners community today. Before having linear changed its name, namely Beauty and Creativity, I was welcomed in this community, I am always happy to have positive comments.

maybe it would be nice if I reintroduced myself to my friends in this community
maybe so that my friends know me better,
and friends, don't hesitate to criticize if I make mistakes in this community because I may still be unfamiliar in future posts.
both intentional mistakes and unintentional mistakes because as humans we have made mistakes.
I hope my friends or moderators in this community can accept me well. hopefully the hive learners community will be a better and bigger community than before.


Welcome to this beloved community, friends