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Hello Hive people wherever you are. How are you today? I hope you are well. So this time I want to share my activities some time ago to take the elevation of the place where the Wastewater Treatment Plant will be built.


What am I doing?
So some time ago, my team at the office went down to several locations in the Lhokseumawe city area to look for work points and at the same time we wanted to collect elevation data at the location of the "Wastewater Treatment Plant" construction plan. So we got down in this work envoys from the local government to find a suitable location that can be built "Wastewater Disposal Plant". So after we searched for several locations we finally decided to take the first point in an advantageous area in the construction process.

So before we start, we set up some tools that will need to also set up the tools we use to fetch elevation data. So the tool we use is the Waterpass, although it is still lagging behind in the tools we use, this is sufficient because the location makes it easier for us to do this work. And the tools we carry are more than adequate.




What is “Wastewater Treatment Plant”? So for those who don't know, I will tell you a little about what "Wastewater Treatment Plant" is.

Wastewater Treatment Plant or WWTP is a structure designed to remove biological and chemical waste from water so that it can be used for other activities. The function of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is of several types depending on where it is intended. For example, for agriculture, the Wastewater Treatment Plant is used to remove animal waste, pesticide residues, and so on from the agricultural environment. When it comes to urban wastewater, the Wastewater Treatment Plant is used to dispose of human waste and other household waste. In the case of industrial wastewater, the Wastewater Treatment Plant is used to treat liquid waste from industrial and commercial manufacturing activities, including mining activities.




Meanwhile, we designate it for urban wastewater disposal, so we build the area to take the elevation so that during the construction of the pipeline there will be no errors in elevation. So that it causes congestion and if it is like that it must be dismantled again.




So that's a little explanation of the work I handle.


A very educative post @rizkiavonna if only I could understand all of it. 😂

Thanks @prayzz. Sometimes we will not understand much about other people's work. but we know what to do. 😂