Was Technology a distraction to me on Education?

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Technology has made schooling more efficient in the aspect of students searching and getting information quickly and accurately: more computers, smartphones, etc, making learning easier. Through search engines and e-books, traditional textbooks have been somewhat replaced, all because of technology.

Another aspect of technology that has been efficient in Education is that, instead of getting or searching for a qualified or competent personal tutor, students can easily get help or solutions through educational videos — anywhere and at any time.

Technology has also started adjusting the roles of teachers and students/learners as it has contributed immensely, to ways of learning, communication and working collaboratively.


I wouldn't say it affected me positively alone without adding the negative sides it had on me while being a student in school because the truth here is that, at the end of the day, these gadgets make me half-present in the classroom. While the lecture is going on, students including me are always finding ways to text or chat, surf the web, post on social media and see what is happening around the globe.

Smartphones, laptops and other devices create a distraction in the classroom unless you self-regulate it: this means you find a way to balance both so one wouldn't affect the other, but not all students would want to adhere to this method because they have been carried away with the news going on everywhere that they do not want to miss out on any, even if it means affecting their grades.

Students' attention is divided between two tasks — what the teacher is trying to teach and what the student is trying to do on the device, trying to catch up with the latest update, thereby leaving one to be mixed up and figuring out what the teacher said last.


The above situation is what I have experienced and I was able to caution myself in the long run when I discovered it would affect me if I don't do something about it. Yes, it affected me positively and at the same time, in a negative way until I realized the damage I was bringing on myself.

It is only when I do not caution myself and know when its time to study, that these gadgets are a distraction to me, but when I can time myself, by prioritizing the most important at that moment, giving room for studies only would make a person fully focused and there wouldn't be any distraction whatsoever.


Yes, they were because just as I have said earlier that they help in easy understanding, communication and getting information quickly. I remembered a time like that when a lecturer explained a particular topic, leaving no room for questions as he was just in a hurry, through the help of technology (my smartphone), and comparing different explanations online, I understood greatly which helped me add more of my opinions during the examination which I passed.


Teachers and lecturers won't explain everything to the students, but with these devices, one can go extensively in exploring more information on the web to understand better, which helps in adding to one's knowledge. I believe Education has a great future already with technology being introduced to make things easier between teachers and learners, but it could only constitute a lack of concentration and focus when one is addicted to it.

Also; it might affect an individual when he or she depends solely on technology to do everything for such a person. It's just like someone being given fish to eat and not taught how to catch a fish using his logic and reasoning. Such a person might not value his or her ability, but when one can learn and knows how to catch a fish, then, it would be easier to grasp a lot of knowledge.


The same with technology and education. You can't rely much on technology to give you all information, exploring on your own will contribute to one's knowledge.

In conclusion, technology has a positive impact on education and would make it great and easy to interact with if only one regulates it to one's advantage.

Thanks for your time on my blog.



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You have raised some valid points, students should learn how to take advantage of technology to better their learning instead of letting it distract them.

At end of the day, individuals are left to do what is best with it.

Yes, individuals are left to do what they feel it's best for them. Thank you, Funshee 😎

Technology has many benefits if used properly. You have presented very good points regarding technology.👍

Thank you, abhay2695

You are right dear. It has it good and bad sides, it all depends on the users. But we can't shy away from the truth, technology is here to help students.
Thanks for sharing.

Definitely. Technology is here to help every students to make learning easier for them. Thank you ma.

You are welcome

Awesome post. I liked how you included your own experience. Other people posting this topic were talking about the topic but never said "I" and I feel like this stands out more and makes the post more unique to you. Otherwise everybody sounds the same and saying the same thing but just using different words.

Hi, @shawnnft, I am so glad you took time to read my post and leaving such an encouraging comment here.
Thank you so much, my friend.

Your welcome! haha

Technology's impact on education is massive and we all have been distracted at some point. It happened for just a period of time.

We can't take away how much technology has helped us and it will only get better if it doesn't destroy the world.

It will surely get better If it doesn't harm the world. You are so right about this. Thank you, George.

We can't denied the fact that technology affect in a bad ways too but still I believe the advantages of it is more than the disadvantages

I get distracted easily as well when am on the phone but still, the impact of technology positively in terms of education is very high there is no doubt about that

Of a truth, the positive impact it has is very high and supercedes the disadvantages. Thank you, @princess-dara

You are right about the fact that technology sorely comes with its negative impact. But I believe it is more of useful than the negative effects.

Exactly. It is more useful than the negative effects. Thank you 😊

Always welcomed

Technology assisted me so much during my schooling and still assisting me till date. The distractions is always there but it becomes easy when we apply concious effort while learning .

Exactly ma. It is the “conscious effort” that is required from us or else, we would be distracted completely without achieving our aims.
Thank you 😊

Uwc 🥰

I would say we choose to make the devices our distraction, it isn't the fault of technology since it wasn't the main intention of creating these devices.

In any case, I also let devices distract me a lot in classes back then 🥴

Lol.... In fact, many times, I intentionally focus on my smartphone than listening to the lecturer many times but just as the saying is, "you know what you are doing..."
These technology's purpose isn't to destroy or distract us, because they have the best for all individuals to use it in the best way.

Exactly, glad we agree on that 😁

Just to add, apart from using our devices to learn and it being a distraction, technology can also be seen in how experienced the teachers we have today are, it's not enough to know something, you have to master it.

Exactly 💯
Being a master of something like this will benefit us a lot on the long run. Thank you for adding to it, @kilvnrex

My pleasure

Our gadgets can be used to explore topics we find hard to grasp in class or didn't get to understand the complete theory backing it up. Everything in life has a negative side, and balancing it is always needed.

Yes, we should know how to balance it so we aren't stuck on one side.
Thank you, @balikis95

Your last paragraph has it, if only it can regulate it to one's advantage.
It's just that a lot of us are lacking control on these gadgets, if not, we can learn almost anything and boldly outsmart the lecturer sef🥳

Many people actually do not have this self control when it comes to using these gadgets. They allow it control them instead of the other way around. It's good when we can regulate them for our benefits. Thank you 😊

Technology has really contributed a lot to education, we all can not deny the fact that without it, education might have been somewhat burdensome to us. Nevertheless it also has the bad side as well.

Smartphones, laptops and other devices create a distraction in the classroom unless you self-regulate it.

I love the point you made up there, truth be told all those gadgets could be a very big source of distraction to us if we don't learn how to balance it with what we are pursuing in life. It is now left for the students, if you know what you want then I am sure creating discipline to regulate how you use those gadgets should not be a problem.

Being disciplined around these gadgets shouldn't be any problem unless we do not know what we actually want from them. Technology has made things easier for us and we should use it for our advantage.
Thanks for stopping by, @emreal

Exactly, only the person who doesn't know what he wants will see that as a burden..

You're welcome ma🥰



Great post! Smartphones distracting students is an issue and will be in the future. Self-regulating is hard and regulating the apps student will be able to use is probably technically difficult. Pros and cons in tech used in learning but hopefully more pros :)

Yes, though there are pros and cons but the pros is more than the cons. We can actually make it work for our benefits if we regulate it. Thank you for coming around.

You're welcome and I agree. I'm a firm believer in tech and its advantages, that is when we control it and not the other way around.

Exactly 💯

No doubt the future of education depends greatly on technology, without technology education might fold.

Yes, education would have been a stressful and difficult one for many of us; all thanks to technology.

unless you self-regulate it: this means you find a way to balance both so one wouldn't affect the other

So far this is just the truth...if we don't find a way to balance it, it would ruin some things for one... Discipling myself is the best way to do that...not allowing the party of social media get deep into you.

That is it, Cesca!
Discipline is all we need to make it work for us.

Of course, there will always be distractions. With or without technology. It is up to us to be intentional about what we really want and avoid said distractions.
You are doing well!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you, Bruno 😊

Technology is great but can be a distraction too!

That is it! We will only make it not to through discipline and regulation.

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It is left to us to know how to tame it for our own advantage, if not, it would have a bad impact on our learning. These gadgets have their ways of distracting the users but when we know what we are aiming for, we would know how to cope and use it to our own advantage.
Thank you, @zestimony