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How are you lovely people? I hope the day is taking another shape on you? For me, I woke up early to do all I needed to do and I am just lying on the cushion chair in the sitting room while typing this. I feel so happy because I was able to meet up half of my tasks for today. It feels so pleasant to spare time for yourself to rest that working brain of yours.

Let me ask; how was life before technology was introduced? I could remember when Dad was narrating how it used to be when he was still a youth. He was to go to the city of Lagos for the first time from the village to find greener pastures and that time, there was nothing like a phone or a computer. Everyone relied on a tool called "Pen" and a piece of equipment called "Paper" to write messages to their loved ones or to get information, but it usually takes months to get it delivered and they would have to keep waiting for reply and most times, they give up when there was no traces of any message coming to them.

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This is awkward if I must say because in one way, it is dangerous especially having a family far away from you and when someone is sick and the only means to get some cash for treatment is through sending messages to them, but before the recipient would deliver, it is too late.

Then everything became civilized and phones and computers were introduced and it made everything easier and faster. Phone and computer are one of my favorites technological advancement.

Phone and Computer

With phones and computers, the internet and social media were born. WhatsApp, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, Facebook and the likes were created.

How would it feel for me to get up from my house to walk miles going to meet a friend just because I want to see him or her? Or I need to make an enquiry on something, will then get up finding answers when I know many people are daft and ignorant of many things. I can only rely on what I am being told without going more ways to seek for answers that suit me. But when these technologies were advanced, it became an easy thing where you could just stay in bed and get answers immediately. You need information, the internet is within our reach to go to instead of traveling to seek answers. With our phones and computers, we could search the internet to know what is going on in the world through daily news. We are let out of the world of ignorance because of the internet.

We could see ourselves through video calls and talk to ourselves discussing many things.

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Then another favorite thing is Cars, Planes and Bikes

Car Bike and Plane

Let's take a flashback to the time when people would have to trek to a far place on foot. There was no means of transportation except riding on camels and donkeys. We know how the journey of the Israelites was then to get to the promised land. They had to trek on foot for many days and months before getting to their destination.

In the olden days, parents traveled by foot to get their goods and I can imagine how bad and tough it would be.

With the existence of cars, bikes and planes, many of us can reach our destination in no time. Traveling in cars, planes and public transport has made it easier and faster than going on foot to a journey that could last you days when with cars, or others, you easily and conveniently get to your station.

Thanks for reading


Thank God for technology that has made life so easy for us all.
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Hello, thank you for the reminder. How are you working on your task too? Keep it going. 😊😊

Your favorite technological advancements made life easy and interesting talking about phone came with social media that makes life interesting and talking about cars and plane they made traveling faster and easier.
How has the day been?
Don't forget to take enough water and observe your quite time.
This is me checking up on you.


Yea, those technologies made life easier and fun.

The day has been great and I enjoyed the moment. I am done with my task already and should be taking some rest now. Thanks for checking 😊

Hey Princess 😁 Just wanted to drop by and say that you're doing amazing and keep aiming for that gold star today ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Go #TeemTengo!


😂 I laughed when I thought back to when my dad showed me a picture of himself years back and told me a lot about using letters.

Technology has been a great improvement, we just have to fight off the negatives of it.

Came in to cheer you up teemmate, hope you're gonna get that gold star? I'm on it already 💪


😅😅 Those old pictures can crack someone up and you will wonder how it was for them then.

Yea, I just need to make my report now since I am done 💃💃💃

Great! I reported mine already 😊

Awww I see how everyone is cheering you up in these comment, I need a proper understanding of the dreemport teem..i want to be cheered too🙄

😅😅😅 It is the emoji eye for me

Yea, if you want to be a dreemie, you need to talk to Dreemsteem on discord or comment on her recent post to make her know. The cheering thing is a six weeks challenge by Dreemport and tomorrow is the last day for the challenge. So that means, if you are part of us, you can enter in for a new challenge which will be announced by Dreemsteem. So comment on her post or if you have her discord username, talk to her.

Ooh that sounds nice, would go and check out what the challenges are about first..


I wonder how life was when some if these technological advancement like planes wasn't in existence.

Well done girl, how are you doing today? Love from teem hope

Well, I still think even though it was stressful for them, they still enjoyed it because they were used to it. I am fine ma. How are you doing too ma? You haven´t posted for some days now

Thats so true, dear. During the years I lived far away from home I was so happy that we finally had whatsapp at that time, to send photos and quickly short messages that everything is fine.
But on the other hand we all also are very addicted and depending on that technology.

How is your thursday going on? hope you already reached todays STAR?
tomorrow is our challenge final! GO GO for the STARS :-)

It would look somehow when WhatsApp was introduced back then but we got used to it and others but too much of it is an addiction that could ruin our personal lives. My Thursday is lovely and I am glad it´s finally ending tomorrow. Thank you

Meanwhile whatsapp wouldnt be my first choise any longer, but here its the only messenger everybody uses, and I have many far away friends, wich are not so familiar with modern technics and only have whatsapp.

It's funny that these advances are so dramatic and yet so relatively recent.


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Though I feel sometimes that technology is affecting us as humans. Like the way humans are being hooked to this stuff that were gradually loosing what humanity really means. Imagine a scenario someone gets in an accident, instead of helping we get out our phones to record. But if we look at it the other way it has actually made life easier. Imagine the days of sending letters abroad and waiting months to get a reply, while we can just do that now by a mere Whatsapp chat and in minutes you get reply back.

The internet has been made to be self-sustaining. Meaning that it can do any and everything that you want from it. Except probably take care of you, but it can teach you how to do that. A time might come when it might actually be able to do that, but for now we work with what we've got.
The ease of transportation is just uncomparable, way better than having to walk for hundreds of miles all in the name of going out.
Thank you for sharing this this post with us.