Time is moving forward

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Sometimes I want to see these moments from the past, and then I feel very good. Of course, I don't have to do much, especially in the places where I keep the memories, such as the gallery of the mobile phone, I try to look a little better in those places and then when the days left when I see the pictures, a calmness works inside me.

Once in the past I said that I am a peddler of the moment. I like to capture the moments. Especially the moments that I have saved, when I come back to the present day and see it on a bad day, it feels good and instantly makes me feel better. It really doesn't have to be a lot of trouble. Because it depends only on my mindset that when I will see the pictures stored in my mobile gallery.

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Today I am not upset, but I am trying to look at the pictures saved on my mobile today and a calmness is working in the middle of the night. In particular, I am thinking about one thing, although I managed to keep these memories very easily, but if it was not for the mobile phone, I would have been in a lot of trouble.

Due to the change in technology, we have got many things very easily in our hands, due to which we do not have to suffer for many things like before, but it is also true that due to the change in technology, we have lost many things, which are no longer possible to get even if we want to. Because what is lost never comes back.

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But I think those who preserve the lost things are wise because they can present these lost things to the next generation and the next generation will see the lost things and think about the days gone by. As I sometimes think.