Let Me Fix It

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Yeah, that's me.

"While I was younger, I was always fascinated by electronics and stuff like that. I would take appliances apart just to know how they work, or maybe fix them if they are broken. " I know this is an absolute cliche now as a lot of people say this when they are asked about their passion for engineering-related things. But I am going to use it (I already have.)

You see, the biggest influence on why I am an engineer (to be) is the things that I loved as a kid. I loved cartoons, but that's unrelated. But the majority of the cartoons I loved were about science and all that stuff. One of my favourites is Dexter's Laboratory.

All that science stuff kind of made me, you know, fascinated and inquisitive about how things work, particularly electronics. I started with our household appliances. I would pick up damaged appliances, as they were the only ones lil engineer Olujay I was licensed to work on at that time, and then begin disecting.

There was this one time when our DVD player got faulty and I felt I could revive it. I took it to my lab (I wish) and I performed my operation on it. My mother never really held me back from "trying." She would always let me gratify my inquisitiveness.

After several hours (not really) of operations, the verdict (being dramatic) was to be given. I had finished and it was time to test.

I plugged it in, and the next thing we knew was that we were not going to have power for the night. My "machine" blew our fuses. And that was how lil engineer Olujay (not) fixed the DVD player, but blew the electricity in the house.

Actually, I did not stop there. Not that I went on blowing fuses after that, but that did not discourage me. I went on to love electronics more and more. And I think that somehow we have a natural instinct for it. I grew up to know something naturally.

Of course, no one comes to this world with pre-installed libraries. There are some things that simply must be learned; there are no two ways about it. But the fact that I had this natural flair for electronics always gave me an edge in learning about them, or anything related, as I grew older.

Growing up, I never really thought of looking for someone to help me fix appliances of ours, at least not at first. I usually try to diagnose the problem myself and then go on to fix it. And most of the time, I do get to fix the problem.

This natural flair that I had made things pertaining to electronics not so hard to understand.

Fast forward to many years later, and lil engineer Olujay is now much older.

Around this time last year, in September 2021, I was on industrial training as a requirement for my course of study; mechatronics engineering. And I was working for an automation academy. I simply had to learn and then serve as an apprentice. But I quickly learned and fast, as I was naturally interested.

It is an automation company that deals with systems that run on PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). An example would be the automated process of filling bags of [powdered] milk with milk; precision and ingemination are high in demand.

Then came a time when we needed a much bigger training kit to be built for particular classes. I was given that job to build one with the company's materials and tools.

It was not something I easily executed, but I was more than eager to try it as I had been silently praying for a chance to do stuff like that. Let me share with you a few photos from this particular project I was assigned.



This was when I started out with the project. I had to cut some frames, metal rails (for mounting the controllers and IO devices), and then a trunk to contain the wires that I eventually installed. I then went on to mount everything.



Clearly, a lot went on from the previous stage before all this. I mounted many of the components, installed the drives (Variable Frequency Drives), PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), contactors, and then the rest.


And here's me checking that everything's in place. It took a lot of troubleshooting to actually get everything working. But in the end, I finished the project.

Being able to understand concepts surrounding engineering systems without much hassle is something not everyone can do. And of course, I have an even deeper understanding now as I study mechatronics engineering at university.

I do not believe anyone is born with some innate knowledge of any subject in life, but I do agree that some things do come naturally to some people, but not so much for others.

ℍ𝕖𝕪, 𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪𝕖𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕡𝕠𝕤𝕥, 𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕕𝕝𝕪 𝕝𝕖𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥, 𝕣𝕖𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕘, 𝕠𝕣 𝕦𝕡𝕧𝕠𝕥𝕖. 𝕀𝕥'𝕝𝕝 𝕤𝕦𝕣𝕖 𝕓𝕖 𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕.

T͜͡H͜͡A͜͡N͜͡K͜͡ ͜͡Y͜͡O͜͡U͜͡ ͜͡F͜͡O͜͡R͜͡ ͜͡S͜͡T͜͡O͜͡P͜͡P͜͡I͜͡N͜͡G͜͡ ͜͜͜͜͡͡͡͡B͜͡Y͜͡


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Thank you, @ahmadmanga for sharing!

You like Dexter's Laboratory? I liked it as a child too. There isn't much (actual) science in that show, but it makes you interested in science anyway.

I was interested in electronics a lot as a child.

My father bought a collection of books, "الموسوعة الإلكترونية" (The Electronic Encyclopedia) but I was too young to understand it anyway. I still remember the images from the first book. (It talked about Radio.) As I grew up, my interest leaned more and more towards software.

My mother never really held me back from "trying."

Glad for you. Thinking on the past, my parents supported me a little. In my case, I held myself back. I didn't want to break things in my process of learning. My father was harsh when things break, (but he's generally a nice person,) so I was being extra careful. I don't regret not doing that, but I wonder how different I'll be if I tried fixing more.

"I usually try to diagnose the problem myself and then go on to fix it. And most of the time, I do get to fix the problem."

That's me with the software side. I'm proud of that fact. Though I had a lot of family relatives ask for my help and it was overwhelming. Haha.

The thing about not getting discouraged after blowing up your fuses was inspiring.


Oh yes, there actually isn't much science in Dexter's Laboratory, but it sure made me interested in science. It may not have been so fascinating if they had put in so much science into it.

That's so cool! Your dad bought you that kind of book. I used to love encyclopedias so much as a kid. They so much interesting information. I loved the ones that had electronics and physics-related stuff even more.

The fear of failing is one of the biggest inhibitors of learning. You sure would have been different had you not minded breaking things if necessary, as long as you learned.

Family members are usually good at exploiting relationships with their relatives to get what they need. It really can be overwhelming.

You say you are into software? You must be a programmer then. What are you into?

Thank you for the many tokens!

The house was blown away by your skills😂😂, I'm sure your mum wasn't so gracious about that.

Seems y'all engineering folks have similar past times, I grew up with one I can still vividly remember one time electricity shocked me, no thanks to him, my dad was furious and I made a good scene that day😂😂

And that project looks superb, what function does it perform?

The house was blown away by your skills😂😂...

Oh no...🤣
Funny thing, when it happened, we all just laughed over it and then tried to get the light back on. And that was it. My mother knows her boys. She knows how I always want to try to do something, no matter how little it may be.

I sure did not stop there and now, I run most of the repairs in the house, if I make time for them. I even make attempts on my own to fix the generator whenever it had issues. Surely, there are many things I cannot do on the generator, but I try my best.

...and I made a good scene that day😂😂

You little siblings with your drama... can't you take a little jolt? 😁

And that project looks superb, what function does it perform?

It is a training kit, actually. The components are interconnected with one another in order to facilitate the lessons that the academy offers. So you could learn motor control with it, process control, and automations stuff with it.

Not to brag (you know I'm not proud) but it is still the highlight of the academy till date. I am proud of myself for acheiving that.

Wooow, that's so cool.

It's the least we can do😌😂, make scenes.

As per the gentleman you are? Wow, that's really impressive 👏🏾

Olujay, the little Young engineer right from childhood went on blowing fuses at home 😂😂😂😂. Glad you weren't discouraged even when you didn't get it right then. Now look at you and how good you are with engineering work as an adult.
One thing about this life is discovering what you are good at and following that route, with that, you won't struggle.

Take for instance, one of my uncle who pushed his son into studying pharmacy in the university, naturally the guy is just good at handwork but then , his Dad wouldn't allow him follow his area of interest. Today, the young guy is a school dropout. He couldn't cope with pharmacy as a course, he failed and failed out. Now back to square one, learning hand work recently.

I believe some things come naturally though, and many things needs to be learned as well 👍👏
Thanks for sharing this 👌


I am glad that I did not give up then. I sure would not have talked about it today.

It is very important that one discovers what they are good at. That way, dealing with life would be much easier and less of a hassle, since one already has a direction.

I feel sorry the uncle's son who could have been a master with handwork, had he been allowed to explore his interest, rather than taking through a path contradicting his interest. Now, he's back to square one. I really hope grows fast in that field and is not dismayed concerning being setback a few years.

Thanks for your contribution.

Wow, the name mechatronics ring a bell and you remind of an experience with electronics when I was young but I wasn't really into it. Today, I can do stuff like wiring and other little things but I didn't have much passion for it.

My third brother took after me and he is more into it. He revives every dead electronic as long as it will work. I pray he achieves great things with it in the future because he is still a kid.

You must be a guru bro, I bow for you man.

Mechatronics engineering is basically field concerning development of systems that synergise electromechanical systems with electronic ones, and its processes. Automation is a big part of it, and that's what I was learning at that time.

Not everyone can like the same thing; and I think that's part of what gives the world its balance.

It's a good thing that your brother is relentless and enthusiastic about learning about electronics and always laying his hands them. He is sure bound to grow and do great things.

You must be a guru bro, I bow for you man.

I remain humble, brother. Thank you.

You remind me of my mom 😅... She's no engineer neither does she have any knowledge of electrical appliances but one time she fixed our spoiled DVD. We were all surprised that day.

I love your inquisitiveness on that field and I'm glad it has offered great opportunities for you.

Keep up the good work Engineer Olujay! 😊👌

Mhennn.... that's super imressive! Your mom could do that? I salute her.

It sure has offered many opportunities.

Keep up the good work Engineer Olujay!

Thank you!😀

Yes oo. I'll let her know you did 😅...

You're welcome!

And that was how lil engineer Olujay (not) fixed the DVD player, but blew the electricity in the house.

😂😂😂 This was actually funny. Kids then wanted to try something new and they are happy when they keep trying and get it right. Even if they do not, they still would not give up but find something more they are inquisitive about.

No one is born with innate knowledge which I agree, we only arrive this earth to learn and to say the fact that there are people who have the gift already in them and that is what makes them special and extraordinary.

Children are very bright souls and their light should never be put in a bushel. Many of the brilliant minds we have today were once inquisitive ones as kids and explored their imaginations.

I learned many things as a kid and they have stayed with me till date. I do believe there are people with some insight to what they want to become and therefore act accordingly.

Thank you for your contribution, as always.

My "machine" blew our fuses.

This got me laughing coz I have a similar experience 😂 mine was a phone charger which I "repaired" but as soon as I plugged it, our fuse blew up. I didn't even know the charger was the cause. My dad immediately called an electrician to repair the fuse and power was restored, then I plugged the charger again 💀 that was when I knew I have created an EMP grenade 😂


I hope you sold it to the military. You would have cashed out big time had you done so.
It's a good thing it was not your phone that blew up. It would have not even been funny that day for you.

😂 it wouldn't have been funny if it blew up my phone. I quickly threw the charger away but a part of me wanted to keep it as a weapon, just in case one of my friends offend me one day, I will go to their house and plug it in 🤣

You really did amazing brother, especially as a child we really tried out allot and destroyed some. But your relentlessness is sure what will keep the dream true

And kudos to mom for not stopping you after little failure/disaster. I'm also an Electrical engineer, we can shout out sometimes, I love the neatness of your project... Much love and respect ✌️

Yes yes... that relentlessness and resilience is key to realising aspirations and dreams. It is what will see you to the end.

I am glad she did not discourage me from growing.

You are an electrical engineer? That's really cool. Nice to meet you.
I try to make my work as neat as I can, regardless how little it may or may not be. It adds to the aesthetics of my work.

Thank you for you reading.

You are much welcome, and hope to keep in touch and see more quality contents ...

This reminds me of when my brother was younger. He was quite curious and would always mess with electronics. He would scatter my mum's radio and try to fix it again. Try to fix spoilt sockets. Play with something he called motor fans. Today he's good at a lot of electronic stuffs though he has spoilt a lot as well😂
Nice gift you've got there. Well-done!

Your brother sounds just like me as a kid. 😂 I did a lot of that as a kid too. Now he is really good.

The thing about mastery is that one may have to go through some types of failures. Why? Because they somehow teach you what not to do next time, in turn getting you close to doing it better.

I am glad you could relate. Thanks for reading.

Oh, and how about that book of your that you are writing?

Yes you're right. My book is going well. It's nothing big. Just ebooks for Amazon.

If it takes effort and time, it sure isn't something "not" big. You are doing really great.

Thank you so much. I appreciate.

Let me shout Chinsos!!!!

If na me blow all the fuse, heaven go fall.
Them for blow all the fuse wey dey my brain sef.
But what did they do?
They encouraged and supported to you to achieving your dream.
Your parents are the realest mvp here!!!!!!!


But what did they do?

We just laughed over it that night. I guess they had anticipated such would happen and didn't get angry over it.

I am glad they let me continue exploring and learning as it has helped me connect with electronic devices better.

He he... You have a gift, and then as you kept working on it you improved to the level you are today.
Its not easy at all, from one engineer to another. But you are making it work, and that's commendable.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Yes yes... I guess keeping at something does get you somewhere.

It really is not easy doing engineering at all, but I enjoy it and will always choose it over other professions.

Thank you for reading.

You’ve got a skill there. I totally agree with u, everyone is not born with innate knowledge of any subject in life. Most times what I find difficult some person just do it like it’s nothing. Thanks for this content I enjoyed reading it🥹

Haha... there are some individuals so good at whatever they do that they make it look like is so easy. It's good for them, but they must have spent years of trial and errors.

Thank you for reading.

You’re welcome dear

You just reminded me of my self while I was yet coming up, there was no electric appliance in our house that spoils that I don't make attempt to fix. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed, it was fun those days.. thanks for your mom for supporting your dreams not all parents would do that. And I pray you greater heights sir. More grace

Wow. You really did not have much appliances get damaged? That's really nice. You must have had good power supply then.

My mother still supports me in my endeavors and I cannot trade it for anything.

Thank yo for your prayers. I pray for the very best in your endeavors as well.

Thanks so much sir. God bless mama plenty, plenty

My mother never really held me back from "trying." She would always let me gratify my inquisitiveness.

I like the fact that your mother gave room for you to try out your talent. You have gone from the little guy that blows up fuses to the guy that creates fuses, well done.

but I do agree that some things do come naturally to some people, but not so much to others.

True, some things come naturally to some people.

From blowing fuses to creating fuses...😁 nice!

Thank you for reading!

You're an engineer in the making, but then, I see a flair. You're a content creator too, you see, it comes with the ability to tell a story in a marketable way. As per blowing up your electricity back then. Sometimes, we don't build things without tearing them up initially. Hahaha.
As per my life, I found out I loved to talk and write at an early age, I guess it's what I've been doing till now.

This is why you prefer talking via video here 😂😂
I like it too.

Hmmm... I am not sure about content creation. I have never thought in that direction. I just know that I somehow have a way with words... and I only hope to sharpen it. Maybe I could be more... I do not know. I'll be finding myself out on the way. Thanks for shining that light, man.

I guess the tearing down is sometimes part of the growth.

I really cannot picture you to be the talking type. The writing, sure...

Right from childhood, we develop interests in few things that will connect us to our career and profession later in life and here, your own was electronics.
Goodluck in your chosen field friend👍.
Nice pictures too

Yes. Our childhood experiences have, in a way, influenced us to what have now become. And that's what somehow connects us with our career and profession later in life.

Thank you for your contribution.

You are welcome

Boss doings
Build me an iron Man suit abeg
Thanks bro


You no go like make I build you Stark industries?

I won't mind if you fit build me Jarvis 🤭

woooow, this is indeed great olu, weldne my friend.. you are a boss oh...

haha... that you so much, man.

That's really a great natural gift you have been gifted. I hope you do it with confidence. Thanks very much for your great work.

Yes, I do it with confidence as it took time to learn, and I am proud of it.

Thanks for reading.

All people that work with electronics, such as engineersm are loved by! Nice to see that!

haha... what can I say? Thank you!

You have had an interesting journey with your passion for electronics, with some lights going out but inspiration and talent building along the way. Good luck with your continued studies.

I came in via Dreemport. 😃

haha, with some lights going out. It's all part of the process; failure.

Thank you for popping in. Dreemport's amazing.

Your story is very relatable, growing up I also had that flair for anything electronics, I love trying to see if I could fix things but somewhere along the line I had to focus on other things but that flair is still there.

That project work looks really perfect and very organized as well, you sure are an engineer Joe, I'm sure you will do more when you have access to the right materials.

You had the flair for electronics? Wow. That's uncommon; to find girls interested in that kind of stuff.

I actually have not programmed machines in quite a while now; I think over a year. But I still have that knowledge and it sure isn't leaving.

Yes I do, but when I tried facing that line of study, it was as if my brain was not ready for the theory at all so I just left it 😏.

I understand, it happens to so many of us, it would have been better if someone had a laboratory of his own.

I was good at the taking things apart, but not so much at the diagnosing a problem or fixing it part of the equation.

That's a sweet run you have pictured there. Nice, neat, and methodical. It's a great mindset to have for your role.

Haha... I do not think there were many people that were good at diagnosing or actually fixing the problem. We were pretty much explorers then. But it was always fun to do.

I am glad you find my pictures nice. Thank you for your kind words.

This is impressive. I love all the intended puns. It was fun to read. I believe your natural love for this path will take you very far.

Haha... the puns were sure intended. I am glad you saw them.

Thanks for stopping by.

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of how I got into phone/tablet/computer repairs as a kid

You got into phones.. repairs as a kid? Wow. Whose phone did you start with?

My mom broke the screen on her Sony Ericsson slider phone when I was 12. She told me I could have it if I could fix it, so I said "challenge accepted" and that was my first repair.

Oh, really? That's super impressive!

I sure would not have been able to do that at that age.

There were definitely extra screws but it worked! Lol

You did something great, nonetheless.

You are really good at those things keep up the good work 👍
Reading from @dreemport

Thank you.

Welcome 😁


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Thank you so much, man. I pray that we all get our heart's desires too.