My Favourite Technological Advancement.

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Welcome to my blog and another edition of the hive learners featured post. The hive learners in alliance with the newbies initiative are here with another interesting topic of discussion. Today we will be talking about our favorite aspect of technology and how it has benefited you.

Your Favourite Technological Advancement
Over the years, the world has gone through various technological changes in almost every sphere of life. Some of these are good while affecting us in negative ways. Tell us about your favourite technological advancement today.

You must agree with me that over the past few years, technology has indeed advanced to a higher level and for the betterment of humanity. Technology plays a vital role in the life of each and every one us, we can blog today it is all thanks to technology, we can communicate today, we can move from one place to another it is all thanks to Technology. Permit me to say technology is one of the key things that sustains humanity.


My Favorite Technological Advancement (Innovation Of Smartphones).

The advancement of technology, has brought about positive changes to every aspect of human life especially in the aspect of communication. Going back to 1995 over here in my country when there was nothing like use of cellphones or even smart phones like we have today, all we do is write letters which the receiver might receive three months later, and in some cases never receives it.

Today technology has made it so easy for us to reach out to whoever we want to reach out to in just seconds and no longer months. The advancement of technology as well provided us with social media platforms which serves as a non stop means of communication today, news even spreads faster on social media platforms compared to TV stations.

Mobile phones were introduced some years later, which one could use to take calls and send text messages, but cannot access the internet but today technology has provided us with smartphones we can use to do almost everything. Communication is now made easy all thanks to Technology.

Benefits Of Owning A Smartphone.

  • Improved Standard Of Communication: Unlike mobile phones where you can only make calls and send text messages, with smartphones you can continue your communication via email and social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

  • Explore The Internet: I don't own a PC yet so everything I do on the internet I make use of my phone.

  • Fun: You can entertain yourself using a smartphone either by watching movies, short comedy videos or by playing games just to keep yourself going.

  • Educational purposes: With a smartphone I can do my research and get answers to whatever my questions are.

Demerits Of Owning A Smartphone.

Well nothing good comes without a bad side and so does the innovation of smartphones.

Addiction: I think I am addicted to my phone as I cannot let a day pass by without doing one or two things on my phone.

Distraction: Many smartphone users allows the usage of smartphone comes in the way when they are supposed to be doing something.


Indeed the smart phone has to be one of the best aspect of technology. But then everything advantage has a disadvantage as well.

Indeed nothing good comes without a disadvantage.

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You said it all my dear friend, technology has played a major role in our lives unknown to us technology made things easy as we move on in life before now we usually make use of earphones with wires but now all are wireless thanks to technology.

I honestly can't stay a whole day without pressing my phone. it has become an addiction, that I enjoy though.

Thanks for sharing.

I honestly can't stay a whole day without pressing my phone

I thought I was the only one on this table, my phone gets low and I feel as if I have fever 😂.

Thanks for reading.

Smartphone are getting more sophisticated and easier to use.
Good post...👍

Thanks for reading my post dear friend.

Smartphones can only be as useful as you can allow them to be. If you want to use it to make yourself a better person, then it is in your power to do so. But if you want to just burn data and make no real changes, that is also in your hands.
The smartphone is just a piece of technology, you get to choose how you make use of it.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

The smartphone is just a piece of technology, you get to choose how you make use of it.

What the Smartphone gives is all up to the user whether good or bad, some people makes good use of their smartphones while others believe smartphones are just for WhatsApp and movies.

Thanks for reading my post.

The smart phone has been of great help to us all...

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